3D unicorn nails

3D unicorn nails

Do you like trying crazy stuff on your nails? I do! And today I prepared for you this stunning unicorn look, that will everybody love. What will you need?

  • Gel polish base + top coat
  • White gel polish
  • UV/led lamp
  • Aurora effect pigment
  • Flower water decals
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Tiny brush

And that’s it, so let’s start together 🙂

First, apply base coat and the white gel polish over it. As you can see, I used white number 29 by Enii nails, which I got from e-shop Nehtyshop.czI applied the colour in two thin coats. This gel polish is quite thick and for me personally was hard to polish it. After cure, I started to do the most interesting part – 3D unicorn horn. For this, I just needed a tiny brush with the same white gel polish and I made the first coat of lines. I cured them and repeat this process, so they were higher. I made probably about 3 coats of those lines.

Then I buffed in the aurora effect pigment – also from Nehtyshop.cz. And I was super excited. I just love this beautiful effect, which forms over a white base. And how about you, do you like it?

My plan was to leave it like this. But my friend Míša (@Misulina_) persuade me to do a sleeping unicorn. We were fighting for a while, so finally I made a compromise. I wanted flower water decals and Míšaa unicorn face. SO I told myself, why not to connect those together? 🙂

The unicorn face I painted with the black acrylic paint. About the water decals, unfortunately, I can tell you just their code A034. I bought them on Aliexpress and they are not from any specific brand. But I believe you will find them after a little bit of searching. Those flowers I put on my thumb too near to the cuticle.

Finally, I applied a gel top coat over all of my nails, cured in the lamp and so it was done 🙂 How do you like this design? Would you try it on your nails?


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