Manicurist to each other

Manicurist to each other

It isn’t on daily basis that we two see each other. But when we do, you can bet, that we create something crazy. And this time wasn’t an exception. Lucy came up with it and she regretted it almost immediately 😀 . As you know, Lucy has a new camera and she tried to record a video. That’s the reason why we challenged ourselves to create each other a nail design and made a tutorial of it. And how did it end up? You can judge later 🙂

Šarlota is polishing

Video tutorial on design I made for @howtofailyournails ! ? It is very easy mosaic design using just stripping tape and holographic polishes! ? Enjoy and let us know what do you think! ❤ Products used in the video: ?Black – @enii_nails_official Week polish Midnight ?Holographic polishes – @bornprettystore and @colorclubnaillacquer ?Holographic top coat – @funlacquer Diamond dust ?Top coat – @sechenails Seche vite #nails #mynails #naildesign #nailart #nailswag #nailstagram #nailfollow #stiletto #naturalnails #nailporn #nailshoutout #todaysnail #mani #nehty #nail #manicure #nailpolish #nails2inspire #instanails #polish #naturalnaillover #notd #instalove #nailsfromczech #mojenehty #instagood #nailblogger #nailtutorial #nailvideo #holosexual ——————————- ?

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Šarlota created me these beautiful nails but I need to mention what path has led to them. Originally, I had a design that looked totally different. It should have been an ombré effect created with holographic nail powders. Both of us aren’t very good friends with powders, so on midnight, we gave up. The another morning we have decided to create something else and this coincidence led to this mani. I was surprised how Šarlota can work fast with nail stripes and paint the boxes precisely. I don’t have a lot of experience with stripes myself, because I often wear peel-off base coat and if you combine these two things together, it’s not good. As evidence of that Šarlota did my nails properly, is the fact that these nails lasted me for week without any big damage.


If you want to know what products we used, you can check the description of the video on Instagram.

Lucka is polishing

How I failed @vinklarova.nails nails ? I really tried but straight lines are not my thing ? Overall it doesn't look so bad, what do you think? Products used: ?Violet – @miss_sporty_czsk 190 ?Not opaque black – @miss_sporty_czsk Goth me black top coat ?Gold – @essence_cosmetics Wonder wow! Man! ?Black – @essence_cosmetics 46 black is black ?Black rhinestones ?Nail glitters- @indigonails Pixel effect Kopciuszek #nehty #manikura #mojenehty #blogerka #nailsfromczech #nailstagram #nailswagg #manicur #notd #nailholic #nailblogger #nailporn #nailvarnishaddict #czechnails #nailartcult #instacz #nailpolishlover #nailispiration #ovalnails #naturalnails #video #nailvideo #nailartvideo #nailtutorial ——————————- ?

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For Lucy I had chosen harder nail design but when she said that she wants an easy design, I accommodated. What I didn’t know, was that she doesn’t have the basic stuff at home, for example thin black stripe. I didn’t count on that she would do the lines free hand. I thought she would just stick the stripe there. And she didn’t have another thing – long thin nail brush for straight lines – so you cannot wonder why it turned out like this 😀 . After polishing, she sat at the computer and ordered all the good nail stuff from Aliexpress 😀 .

How do you like our videos? We would be happy if you would comment down your ideas and comments what we could improve 🙂

Šarlota + Lucie

2 thoughts on “Manicurist to each other

  1. Já jsem tu po několika měsících a..vy jste ještě šikovnější, než předtím, to je úžasný holky, moc se vám to povedlo oběma! 🙂 Co to máte prosím za štěteček, kterým čistíte kůžičku od laku? 🙂

    1. Ahoj, moc ti děkujeme 🙂 Štěteček ve videu je z Born Pretty store. Mám ho z Aliexpressu a vyšel mě asi na 50Kč 🙂

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