Everything that sparkles is my addiction

Everything that sparkles is my addiction

Welcome to the next article where I will mainly deal with nail polish stones. And not just with any, but with Swarovski. For those who do not know what’s going on, Swarovski deals with the production of crystal gold jewelry. You can find this brand in larger department stores, or you can also remember it as a beautiful glittering building in the center of Vienna, passing from St. Stephen’s Cathedral to the Opera House. Today we will not talk about jewelry as such, but about jewels for your nails – about stones that perfectly decorate your manicure.

I would like to point out that Swarovski stones are more expensive, but they offer many features that important for perfect manicure. For example, these stones are always the same size, they do not lose color, and after a few days they are like new. Just such a cherry on top ofthe cake is a huge selection of colors.

In collaboration with the NaniNails.cz e-shop, I chose these stones in a practical dose. There are 20 of them, they cost $2 and the color is AB and the size is SS5. If you didn’t know, AB means Aurore Boreale and the size of the stone is from SS1 to SS48, with the smallest number meaning smaller stones and larger stones. SS5 size is 1.70-1.80 mm. According to my finger size SS5 is best suited, if you want to make some smaller and more detailed decoration, you can go to SS3. You can then choose from your own tastes, but the size of the SS20 looks like a giant on the nails, so I would not recommend it too much. Surely, it’s good to have more sizes, combine them and see what suits you the most.

These were my first and only stones from Swarovski, but not for too long. I wanted more. Here’s a little demonstration. I can say that I bought these sweethearts with my own money 🙂 .

I hope that you will appreciate my photographic skills, taking pictures of tiny items was quite difficult for me. At least you can see how the stones are beautifully cut and enjoy the beautiful colors. If you would like some of these colors, I added names below 🙂 For the people who care about it, I added a description of the color from different angles because the photos cannot always show the reality.

Upper row from left:

Meridian blue SS12 – mix of violet, pink, red and orange, but if you look from above, it’s dark blue

Crystal Scrabaeus Green SS12 – it’s black on the photo, but from angles it is chrome green and blue

Crystal shim SS5 – reflections mostly blue and yellow

Lower row from left:

Topaz AB SS5 – orange from top, from angles it’s orange and green

Lumious Green SS5 – reflections mostly green and yellow, sometimes violet and blue

Volcano SS6 – light yellow and dark orange

Upper row from left:

Fuchsia SS5 – reflections are purple, purple and blue; raspberry red from top

Crystal AB SS5 – all possible colors, mostly blue and purple

Xilion Rose Olivine SS5 – white from top; from angles it’s light green

Lower row from left:

Light amethyst SS6 – lightly purple

Aquamarin SS5 – light blue

Black diamond shimmer SS5 – blue and yellow reflections


Wow, that was a lot of work! I will not even tell you how long this whole process of picking, arranging, shooting, sorting, editing, naming took… It was a long paragraph, and I hope you will appreciate this effort at least. I like to read articles where the author will show me the details and not just what the product looks like in the package.

And to dissolve all the doubts of people who think stones are just stones and the difference is just in the price (and I have recently belonged to these people), I add this photo. Do you see any difference? I do. In the middle you can see stones purchased from AliExpress in the amount of 1440 pieces with a price of about $3. They are not so polished, the bottom is not smooth and the stones vary in height. It looks kind of “cumbersome”. That’s when you look at the left side, you see here Swarovski stones from NaniNails and on the right side is the same shade and size from e-shop koralek-obchod.cz.

Stones in action. Two green nails are painted with Essence polish with 6 Instant happiness from the Color boost collection and there are AB stones. Lightest green is Essence 79 turn the lights on! with a light shimmer and there are stones called Olivine. The gel effect on the nails is an overcoat of Seche Vite. The stones are definitely not recommended to be over polished with a top coat, as you drown them and lose much of their gloss. For their simple application, I recommend that you get a wax pencil and nail or stones glue.

And a detail of the manicure so you can see the AB gravel reflections. They are simple and yet beautiful. If you are interested in what I have further created with these stones, you can also look at the previous article called A powder for tough girls. You will find inspiration for elegant nails.

I have another thing for you that I cannot forget to show you. It’s glittering, so we’re still sticking to the topic. If you still look at the photo and wonder what it can be, I’ll tell you. They’re glitters in the spray. You hear it right. A life-hack that has been on the market for a long time, but I’m only trying it now. This bottle costs $4, has 25 grams and can be found here.

I chose 6, so beautifully pink. The glitter inside has the same shape and you can use it for both nails and hair if you are going to a wild party or just for a photo shoot. The entire pack and the pump looks sturdy, so you will not stay with a broken bottle and glitter everywhere, I would not be afraid of that.

I tried my first attempt outdoors over the snowy bush, as I was not sure how much and how far it would spray. To my surprise it squeezes not too far, so I’d say 10 cm. And the dosage is mild.

This is the manicure I created with this spray. I found it to be really good for creating very light nail spray. Looks casual. When I was creating design of my forefinger, it was a little more complicated, as I needed more glitter, and I had to constantly spray. There was a pretty pile next to my nail. That’s why I would suggest that you put a paper or even lid off a box under the fingernail and save the rest of the glitter. You do not have to save it directly, since there is more than enough glitter in the spray.

For curiosity, I used a green polish from Essence called 32 discreet agent and Miss Sporty pink chrome paint with number 60. Since my nails did not look bright enough, I adorned them with AB stones. What do you say about this interesting color combination?

I want to thank NaniNails.cz e-shop for sending these products and if you missed my previous articles, be sure to check them out. For people who don’t have much time (just like me), there are articles A powder for tough girls and Among reptiles.

Thank you for reading my article and congratulations on surviving it to the end, today it was a bit longer, because I had a lot to say to you 🙂 I will be glad if you leave me a comment with some feedback. Have a nice rest of the day and come back to the next article 🙂


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