Among reptiles

Among reptiles

Hello! There was not an article for a while, but do not worry, we did not forget about you. We make sure our articles are better each time. In today’s article, I’ll take you to the realm of the reptiles and tell you how I created these thematic nails you see on the opening photo. And it was not as hard as it seems.

A few weeks ago, I found one YouTube girl who keeps countless animals and a lot of reptiles at her home. Her videos are fun and educational, as I did not even know what animals existed, and that they can be kept at home. Do you know a cowfish? I now do. It inspired me to create these nails. Her name is Taylor Nicole Dean, and I was amazed by her video when she visited the reptile zoo. Since then I’ve been wondering how to create a credible image of a snake skin, or if you want, a reptile skin. Unfortunately, I do not own any plate with that theme and I could not find it anywhere, drawing it was not considered and when I was choosing products in collaboration with, it was clear after a few minutes. Waterstickers with absolutely amazing motif, with snake skin. And just for $1? That’s bargain. You have a link here 🙂 I went with this classic green version, but they have a choice of dark green, black or other colors. So, if you’re interested, be sure to check it out.

I wanted to play with my nails a little, so I created an eye on my ring finger. If you have not recognized it yet. I chose the most similar green polish to the sticker and scribbled on it with darker dye colors. After that, I tossed my fingernail with a quick-drying top coat, and with a paintbrush, I painted the pupil with an acrylic paint. The big plus of this procedure is that you can then scratch an acrylic paint with a cuticle stick and repeat it all the time. I have added a reflection to the eye with a dotting tool.

Fortunately, I have learned a little bit with waterstickers. One thing you should not miss out is to cut away unnecessary part of the nail sticker. Straight scissors are recommended, but I used my chameleon pliers to cut the cuticles around the nail and it was great. Another thing that is necessary is to dry the sticker with a sponge, or whatever dry, that you have at your fingertips and what does not leave a nail mess. Be sure to align the watersticker with a brush soaked in acetone around the cuticle and dissolve the sticker from the bottom of the fingertips. Your nails will last longer. I do not even have to mention the base coat.

To get my nails out there ( 😀 ), I took them for a tour of the natural science station. I was keeping the waterstickers for this opportunity to have great photos for you. And this photo of a caiman hiding under the leaf could be seen on my Instagram several times, where you can find me as Howtofailyournails. Do not be dissuaded by this name, it is not that bad usually.

I hope you already know that I am a terribly indecisive person and that is why I often wear a different motive on both hands. So, I had snake skin on one hand and the only base coat on the other. I really did not have time to remove my nails there.

And to get some of my visit, you can take a look at the photos I shot there. The shooting was under difficult conditions, as there was a terrible heat in the greenhouse, my camera was hazy, and I looked paranoidly at the bats and was always ready to protect my hair. Some photos are shot over glass, but I still think the quality is not the worst. What do you think?

My favorite photo is that glittering tongue. And the chameleon moved almost as a sloth, it was fun to watch.

These animals are no longer among reptiles, but I will show them to you. Axolotl, that’s a strange pet with white eyes and trees on the head. These creatures are known for their regeneration. When, for some reason, they lose their limbs, they will grow fully functional new one. However, it is not easy to keep them because they are prone to water quality. Chinese softshell turtle is a special turtle on the right side of the collage. It was probably the only animal that showed up and wanted to take pictures. I am really entertained by her nose 😀 And the bird below I do not know the name of. It’s only a snapshot because I had the camera in my hands at the right moment.

The visit to the natural science station was absolutely amazing and I envy children that they can visit this station during school days. What I would give if I had this at elementary school! I was thrilled when someone brought a guinea pig to the class because I did not even have that.

My nails perfectly fit in the greenhouse environment, and that was my goal. Thank you, e-shop for providing this product 🙂

Write down the comments below, how you liked my nails and whether you like to go to zoos or even have some little intruder at home.


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