A powder for tough girls

A powder for tough girls

Hello! Today’s article will focus on a nail polish named Volcano effect, which I got to try from the naninails.cz e-shop in the version number 3. In the official description is this powder described as “fine glowing glitter”, which is not so quite true. They are glowing pretty well, but somebody forgot to mention that they are holographic too! Which I guessed from the picture, but my heart was scorching when I saw this material with my own eyes. With certainty, I can say that this is the most holographic nail powder I have. And that’s why I wonder why it’s not promoted as holographic. The word “holographic” has been a trend lately, and cosmetic companies have been throwing it everywhere, most often they have mixed it up with an irresistible effect, and this behavior can always upset me. So, I can really say that this is 100% holo.

The photo on the left is taken in daylight. It looks like a sad gray color, but if you use the flash, everything will turn bright. Magic.

I tested for you how the powder would look black and gray. First, I tried it on a plain polish, when I polished only a top coat and gradually added glitter to it. My best technique was with a rubber band on my fingers. This powder, by the instructions, should only be sprinkled to create a more sandy effect.

These two photos are with black base coat.

And this one is on a gray base coat. I think that the name Volcano effect would be better off with a gray base coat. The effect is somewhat duller, but it seems more natural to me. On the black base coat, too, is pretty good and depends only on your taste.

Is it fire or blood? Either way, there are pretty naughty nails. This time I used the powder into the gel polish and the holographic effect came out much more. First, I brushed the white acrylic paint with a design, where I want the flames to be, and then I paint this area with a red polish.

Here are more pictures and I am quite interested in the photo on the left. It reminds me of some creature that protects their territory.

A slightly more elegant manicure. Almost with all my black nails, I use my favorite black polish, Midnight by Enii Nails. It does not cover in one layer, but it dries super-fast and has great consistency and brush. Then I added to this design stones that are from Swarovski; I got them for reviewing also from e-shop naninails.cz. Today, it’s just a little tasting for you, because I’ve got a set of photos and designs for you to find in the next article. Meanwhile, you can write to me if you see any difference between the index finger and the middle finger 😉 .

I like these nails very much, but I feel sorry that I did not sprinkle the powder and tried to smooth it out. Even so, the nails was pretty successful 🙂 .

If you’ve already fallen in love, I have good news for you. This powder is not only in black and gray, but also in gold! Here I have links for you to look at shades for yourselves.

Shade 1 – gold

Shade 2 – light gray

Shade 3 – gray

Shade 4 – black

The gold powder is intriguing me, and I’ll probably have to buy it. If you do not believe me and still hesitate, look for yourselves with your own eyes. You can take a look in their shops or the next chance will be at the Interbeauty in Prague, which takes place on 20th – 21st April 2018.


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