Wishes come true. What did I get on Christmas and Birthday

Wishes come true. What did I get on Christmas and Birthday

Hello everyone! This article was supposed to be released in December and was supposed to be “What I got for Christmas”, unfortunately I didn’t have the time and the whole internet was flooded with things about gifts, I was not even in the mood for it. Fortunately, now everything has subsided, and since I have a birthday at the end of January, I decided to add it in one article. That’s why we’re here. Today I would like to show you and boast of what I got. In my life, there is one thing I have wished for several years, and I always hoped to find it under the tree. The other thing I wish to have months is rather the “Achievement unlocked” thing. I got both of these things this time. What are they? Come and read.

Let’s start light. Under the tree I found a huge box wrapped up. And it was for me. What will it be? Will it be the tea pot with a sieve I wanted? Size and weight could match. I love the unpacking of gifts and the bigger and more packed the better. I unpack one layer and there is a blank box. I say okay, it’s a kettle. I open the box and the ticket “Thank you for your purchase, NaniNails.” I didn’t know what it was. NaniNails?! I look at my mum who gave me that gift, and in my head, I was thinking about that could she bought me from that e-shop. After unpacking the next layer, I immediately knew what it was. Cosmetic, in my case, nail briefcase. She saw me as I come home and take all the nail stuff in my usual bag and purse, so she gave me something that would make it much easier to transport.

The case is in my favorite color – black. It can be opened up and has four compartments for small things like powders, waterstickers or brushes. Below I carry a lamp and all kinds of polishes. My mom told me the story how she was looking for it because it was sold out, so much thanks to my mum!

The case is nicely lined and even locked. The biggest fun was when I searched for a nail magnet a week ago, I searched in all the cups, all the boxes, just the whole table and the surrounding area, and the magnet was nowhere. It never occurred to me that I left the magnet close to the keys and that it stuck to them, so I ignored it because they had the same color.

This. This is the thing I spoke to at the beginning that I wanted it for years. Camera. Since I spent most of my time on my cellphone, because my million-year-old Kodak Z740 camera’s battery run out after ten pictures, this Sony guy has come in very handy. This was a gift to my birthday, which I partially paid myself. I caught it in the New Year’s discounts at Mall.cz with a discount of $100. I picked for a long time which camera to buy and I knew two things – I do not want a DSLR and I do not want the compact that I could hide in my pocket. I wanted a camera with a body that would well handle ordinary family photos but also pictures of my nails. Such a multifunctional buddy who will not disappoint me in any circumstances.

Maybe you’re telling me what’s with this photo, but I have to boast. I have to boast of my BIGGEST success in life. I stretched the huge end of the strap through the small hole. I haven’t turned on the camera, and I’ve been experiencing a tough time, I almost wiped half my hair and a few hours of googling instructions on how to tie the strap around neck of the camera. But I did it! I am proud of myself. I will not tell you how I achieved it, this will be my little secret.

You have the beauty here. The quality of the photo is bad, because it’s from a cell phone, but it will be fine now! It is quite heavy, it has plenty of features for me and the body has an interesting surface like drops of water. At least you will not see how dirty it is. And if you understand all this and want to see some specific information about this beauty, look for the Sony CyberShot DSC-HX 350. I’ve been using the camera for a month now, and I’m completely happy with it. I finally got MY camera!

I got a million teas at Christmas. And to have it infused and looked good, I got a beautiful jug. Glass to see if the tea is sufficiently infused and how much is left there and with a sieve, so I do not have leaves all over the pot and my mouth. The kettle is absolutely great. I immediately tried the blooming tea. Do you like this kind of tea?

Here is the complete photo of the tea we collected over the whole family. There are still a few missing there, but it’s enough for the idea. That advent calendar from the English Tea Shop is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it. Also, a tea, whose title is quite heard to read on the photo, Lord Nelson Passion fruit is absolutely great. Tea in winter simply cannot be missed.

To go back to the point of the article. I wrote that I got another thing I wanted for a long time. From the beginning of watching YouTuber SimplyNailogical, I wanted the Fun Lacquer polish. And because they, as one of the few, ships to Czech Republic, and they had Black Friday sales, I did not resist. Well, the Santa Claus did not resist, in the form of a friend. I chose Fun Lacquer Diamond dust – a holographic top coat. Holographic pink polish from Different Dimension and red light holo polish from ILNP. The polish you see as the second from the right is not mine. We ordered it together with Šarlota from e-shop nailland.hu and so we wanted to save for postage. She chose a polihs from a limited edition ILPN called Salem. It is beautiful and has a hard-to-describe color. I will not tell you much about it because she forbade me to touch it, open it, and even look at it because she wants to be the first. I do not even blame her; these polishes will come out pretty expensive. So, my wish – having any Fun Lacquer polish – is fulfilled. Someone buys expensive designer handbags, I buy polishes 😀 At least, I have someone to share this passion with. You will learn more about the polishes, but not in this article.

These are the things that have made me the most delighted. Then, like every mortal, I received some cosmetics, pajamas, socks, and then practical gifts like spoons, keyboard, towel, bedding or shower gel. In the enumeration, I feel old enough because, for example, the towel really pleased me *a smiley monkey who covers her eyes*. Then I still have to mention the bag for camera, tripod or two-story cake, which should look like a nail polish. It did not look as good as you might think, so I won’t post it here. But it was edible!

And how was your Christmas? What made you the most delighted? Let me know in the comments. And certainly, watch us at FB NailsfromCzech or on my IG howtofailyournails.


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