Winter in the sign of penguins

Winter in the sign of penguins

Winter is still here, whether we like it or not. I personally don’t like it. But there is one place, I don’t mind it. The place is on my nails 🙂 So today I will show you how to make this cute design and I also introduce to you a gel polish, which changes its colour depends on the temperature. Those polishes are ideal for winter because you can see the change a multiple times a day 🙂

So what will we need to create this motive?

  • Gel polish base coat and top coat
  • Thermal gel polish
  • UV lamp
  • Stamping plate with penguins
  • Stamping polishes – black and white

Start with gel base coat which we cure in a lamp. Now it is time for our thermal gel polish. I applied 2 layers and I cure each of them.

Before stamping, I would like to show you a swatch of this polish, which is truly gorgeous.

I thought I will show you pictures but then I find out those photos are of such a bad quality so I told myself the video will be enough. I really need a new camera but my birthday is on April, so we have to wait for it :/ .

Well, let’s discuss the polish, not the quality of photos. As you can see, when the polish gets warmer, it changes its colour to this amazingly pretty silver colour. Also, the change is really quick, you can see it in the video too. So if you are outside, your nails will be pretty often on the free edge dark blue and on the nail bed silver 🙂 . In case you like this polish and you want to try it out yourself, you will find it here.

The stamping is next. We will use for it beautiful stamping plate from with penguins which you can find right here.

Which patterns I pick from the plate you can see n the pictures. Maybe the thumb you won’t see clearly, so there I picked a glacier. I use a reverse stamping method, which means I didn’t stamp the image right away on my nail, instead I coloured it in first. This means I coloured the bellies of penguins and some parts of the glacier. And that’s it for this design. Just apply a top coat and cure in the lamp 🙂 .

Do you like my design? And how do you like the colour changing polish?






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