Tormentor in orange

Tormentor in orange

Sorry for that first picture, I had to 😀 This polish looks like a sweetheart at first glance, but over time you will know that this is the worst thing you could ever meet. The talk is about a stamping holographic polish from I chose it as part of the collaboration with the hope that I will be able to make a beautiful stamp and I will be both on the blog and on the Instagram to impress you with wonderful designs. But the truth is a bit somewhere else.

As a first thing, I tried to use the polish as an ordinary one. It worked great and I almost did not see the difference between non-stamping polish and this one. It was already covering in one layer and dried lightning fast. For the time being, I could not complain about anything.

A beautiful orange polish… and I did not know what was coming.

In order to use my nails, I came across a beautiful motif from plate BP-L093 with ID 40229. I used a white polish from MoYou called White Knight.

So now comes the disaster you’re all waiting for. These are my first attempts at stamping. On the left, I wanted to try to see if the polish could be better seen on white or on a black base coat. There are no shortcomings on the dark background, that’s probably because I’m glad there’s something to see. But on the white base coat, all errors are visible. And where the holo went? No one knows. At the design on the right, I wanted to try a theme with a larger surface so that more stamping polish will be used. The polish seemed to me more fluid than the usual stamping polishes and was hard to scrape off the plate. It was a punishment to hit the straight edges of the triangles.

Third time good and evil. That’s how my nails looked, though had meant to look different. And you want to see how? Since I have a new camera that can record in good quality with, I recorded my desperation.

Do you see how many times I tried to transfer it to a stamp? And I never did it! (By the way, I know the video is not one of the best, and I should cut it a lot, change music, etc., but I’m starting, so please be patient, in a couple of weeks the videos will look better, and if you do not believe me, tomorrow comes out a new article with another video that will be better.)

So, as you can see, I had to pour nail powder on my whole stamping effort. And for me this polish won’t ever be used as a stamping one again. It can be said that I’m quite comfortable, but if I cannot stamp with a polish after half an hour or more, it’s just not a good polish. And if you think you could do better and I did a few things wrong, I’ll lend you that polish to convince yourself. Because it is not possible.

To be in the picture, this polish can be found on the link here with ID 40995. For me this polish is like a stamping crash and I would not again buy some from the collection if I wanted to stamp with him. If I wanted to use it as an ordinary polish, why not. It does not have a matte effect, it dries well and does not peel off quickly.

If you like the product and want to order one from the e-shop, do not forget to use our 10% discount code “MABX31”.

And what about you? Do you have any holographic stamping experience? Let me know in the comments.

Edit: Šarlota visited me this weekend and she tried the polish. And it works for her, so it isn’t fault of the nail polish but it’s my fault. Sorry.


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