Testing of thermo polish from Born Pretty Store

Testing of thermo polish from Born Pretty Store

When to test thermo polishes when not in winter? I chose one of these in cooperation with the e-shop bornprettystore.com. Since I switched from red to blue, I could not make a different choice. The icing on the cake is the fact that this polish is not only a thermo polish, but also a stamping one. Which means it has a higher density and can be stamped accurately. I chose a dark blue at their e-shop number 8. This color changes from the already mentioned dark blue to light blue. Absolutely amazing combination for winter nail art! Come and see me what I have prepared for you today.

As the right tester, it’s not enough just to stamp it well. I wanted to know if I could use it as an ordinary polish when I was tired of stamping. And the answer is yes – almost. As I have already been able to see after the few tests, stamping polishes are mostly matte and you can see that on the whole nail. Here it was the same. It did not make a smudge, but it was nothing I wanted to wear normally.

Since I already had nails polished with this color, I came across a quick pattern of geometric whales from the BP-L09 plate. That, by the way, I also got a review and you can look forward to it in the near future. For the impatience, the ID of this plate is 40229 and the link is here.

Here you can see how much the polish can change. Since I have longer nails, it is obvious that the ends will be cold and the polish will be darker.

Then I tried a little flake. I used a white gel polish as a base coat, and to create an icy tint of nails, I stuck a powder from Indigo called Syrenka and number 1 into the gel. It was a bit harder than usual because it did not work as easily as I thought. It was actually my first attempt. The polish sank in the plate, on the stamp, and did not go anywhere. I do not know if it was because it was a gel polish or what, but it was horror.

But even so, I like the result quite well. Especially at the time I created this design, there was enough snow out there. If I had to design designs based on real weather, I would have had mud. That would be interesting but not very aesthetic.

Here you can see more photos. On the photo to the left, the polish looks almost purple. I was quite surprised at the final writing of this article. These thermo polishes are the best questions for others. When you go outside, and they ask you “And didn’t you have a dark blue polish?” and then you explain to them that there is something like a thermo polish and they do not know at all. I like it.

Then I was also in the mood for blue nails and tried to make such an abstract nail art. I used all kinds of shades of blue for the base coat, and this thermal polish also stamped the threads that remind me of the mirroring sea. I stamped a MoYou polish called White Knight and a BP-L093 plate with ID 40995, which I also got to try out.

Here you can see the interesting effect when the color of the base coat varies with temperature. It will not always be the same, and at last it does not matter that the tips will get colder than the rest of the nail.

As a third design, I’ve come up with a slightly more summer version. I used my most favorite light blue polish, Essence 39 Blue bubble di blue, and splashed it with the effect polish I bought in Primark in Vienna. This time, I stamped in a very simple way, perhaps thanks to my friend Miša’s tip, who told me that it was best to wipe the polish on the plate to myself, not to the side. I bought the stones at AliExpress, and now I can really say that the nails are not appropriate at all. They do not have a flat side and therefore hold poorly on nails.

Finally, the last photo with a visible difference. I like this design of them all. And what about you? What’s your favorite?

I used a thermo stamping polish with ID 41003 and it costs $3.5. I add the link here and if you choose to buy it, you can use our discount code MABX31 for a 10% discount. This is all for today’s article and I will look forward to you next time 🙂



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