Lucy’s package from part VI.

Lucy’s package from part VI.

Hello everyone! Welcome to my traditional article, where I show you the things that came to me in the package from the e-shop. I’ve had a collaboration with them for over a year, and I’m so happy for keeping it going. This time I picked something for my nails to change 😀 . I have a limit for each package around $12, and even though it does not seem to be, you can be going through the products on their site for a hundred years and cannot choose because you want everything. This time, there are three products, so let’s go.

I haven’t posted a photo of a package for a long time, so there you have it. I always know that a package from BP has come to me 😀 The package always goes so big, no matter what is inside.

The first thing I chose is this stamping polish. But it’s not just that simple, it changes its color depending on the temperature. Which is super cool for the winter. And while it’s cold everywhere outside, I chose a blue color. This changes to light blue in warm environment, you can find it under number 8 on their e-shop. It is around $3.5, its ID is #41003 and the link is here.

Let’s go to the other polish, no other than a holographic one. And this is also a stamping one for change. It looks beautiful in the bottle and I hope it will cover well over the black base coat and will not lose its spell. What do you think? I have the color number 3, ID #40995 and the price is a bit higher – $5.5. You can find the link here.

The last thing in the package is this one. I was surprised by the water marble pattern that you can see on the left in the middle and also by the pattern of the basket in the middle. Geometric animals, dilapidated surface or cracked glass are just the icing on the cake. What do you think of it, would you use such a plate? For the price of $3, why not 😀 . The ID of this plate on their site is #40229 and the link is here.

So what do you think of this package? Thank you for your comments!


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