Love is in the air

Love is in the air

Just a few more days and we have here a day of love – Valentine’s day. Even if you celebrate it or not, once a while, a bit of romance is good 🙂 . Both designs you can definitely wear a whole year, not just on this day. So if you don’t celebrate it, I hope you will enjoy this article and try one of those designs (or both) at home. To create those motives I used two products from e-shop If you will be interested in them, you can definitely find a direct link here. And now, let’s create the designs 🙂 .

This motive is more likely determined by Valentine’s day, I think. However, like I said in the beginning, feel free to wear this anytime through the whole year. It is a quite harder to do than the design with the bear but just because you have to have a bit of patience when you will draw the negative of the heart. The base, darker pink colour which I used here is by OPI with name charged up cherry. A beautiful vivid colour which covers in just two coats. I covered all my nails with it except the ring finger.

Next, I used this gorgeous electric flakies. I applied them in a thin layer of the base coat because it stays tacky longer than a top coat and then I sprinkled the flakies over the nail with a fan brush. I covered my whole middle finger and on pinkie, point finger and thumb I created an ombré with it which starts on the free edge and disappears towards the cuticle. Then, I just decent used my finger to tap on the flakies so they were flat on the nail.

So, we have there a ring finger. The process will be reverse here. First, apply the flakies. I did two dots on my nail with polish, so I knew how big and where the hart will be. The space between dots I covered with flakies. And now follows the part, when you will need your patience the most 😀 . We have to freehand the contour of the heart, so it looks nice and symmetric. After something about 10 minutes of rave, I did it 😀 . But I can tell you one amazing discovery I made. You can use a nail polish remover over the flakies (I have even 100% acetone) and nothing happened to them! So if you messed it up, take a deep breath and gently repair the contour with a cleaning brush 🙂 . Then, just fill in the rest of the nail with colour and let it dry. After that apply a second coat.

Lastly, I decided to decorate a little the manicure with stickers by Essence. They are especially for Valentine’s day and I have had them at home for a few years now. The result looks very nice and I am satisfied with it 🙂 . Working with those flakies I really enjoyed. You can find them on the e-shop here for 139 Czech Crowns and they are in  3 colour variations. This one is a number 2.

Second, the bear design is probably my favourite 😀 . I think it is because this one is not that noticeably full of love and hearts 😀 . In my opinion, this one is much easier to create because you will just stamp, glue and sprinkle over the nail. My base colours were OPI Angel with a leadfoot and the stamping pink polish NaniNails itself with number 4. Because this is a stamping polish, the polishing was a little bit tricky. Although, two coats and mainly top coat made this polish look beautiful again. You can find the polish here for a price 89 Czech Crowns.

White painted nails I decided to upgrade with an effect of syrenki number 1 by Indigo. Again, I applied a thin layer of base coat and sprinkle the glitters over the whole nail. Then I took a bigger brush (blush brush) and really softly, so the wet polish under didn’t get any damage, I buffed the glitters in. This next step is important, apply a top coat over those nails before any stamping. I had to use two coats of it because the first one the glitters absorbed. I stamped a contour of roses from the BP-L066 plate by Born Pretty. This pattern I stamped over the middle and point fingers. The polish stamped great without any troubles 🙂 . Maybe I just recommend stamping over darker colours because this polish is really lite colour and it is not so significant over the white.

And the highlight of this design is, of course, this sweet bear ♥ . I got a package with 20 pieces on the Aliexpressfor something like 50 Czech Crowns. What I have to say about hem is a fact, they are not flat but bent. That meant, when I place them on my nails, they fit perfectly with no gap between the nail and nicely copy my “C” curve 🙂 . On the ring finger, I first applied a top coat and let it dry completely. Next, I apply a bigger drop of nail glue and I hold the bear on the place for a few seconds until the glue dried.

So, that will be all for today’s article 🙂 . I hope you liked it and you can tell me in the comments if you celebrate Valentine’s day and which of those two designs was your favourite 🙂


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