Endless galaxy

Endless galaxy

Everyone likes galaxy in some way. And who doesn’t agree, lies 😀 In this article I will show you how I created this space manicure. Absolutely don’t be afraid because this is nothing hard to make.I will be your guide step by step 🙂

What do we need?

  • Base coat and top coat
  • Black polish
  • Holographic top coat
  • Rainbow rhinestones
  • White stamping polish
  • A stamping plate with galaxy patterns
  • Some colorful polishes for reverse stamping
  • Nail glue / gel polish top coat

Let’s start with the nail preparation. Apply the base coat and let it dry. Then apply a black polish in 1 to 2 coats. It depends on the pigmentation of the polish. After it is all dry we proceed with rhinestones. Now you have two choices. You can either use a gel top coat or a nail glue to secure the rhinestones. If I can give an advice to you, use a nail glue to stick them on. The gems last much longer 🙂 . I used a gel top coat and the stones were falling out all the time and I had to repair them. But if you decide for this method with gel top coat (no wipe!), start placing the rhinestones in the gel polish layer before the cure. If you want to glue them on, do it after a little section. I don’t recommend to apply the glue all over the nail because it dries faster then you will be able to place the stones everywhere on the nail. The final product should look like something like this:

The rhinestones I used are from the BornPrettyStore.com e-shop size SS6. They are really stunning and their colour is durable. I wore them for a week and they looked really good all the time! If you like them as I do, you can find them here. Maybe you are thinking right now… Wait, this placement one by one stone must take ages to complete! Well I will show you a secret, do you want? 😉

This is her, my catana 🙂 . An absolute need for rhinestones and 3D decoration lovers. And what exactly it is? Thi is a pen with wax on one end which is able to pick up the gem with just one touch. So no more to polish on a wood stick, which destroys the gem. The wax is the miracle 😉 . You can see on the picture, there is a thin tube on the other end of the pen. This end you can use to touch up your rhinestones to the right position. I definitely recommend to have this useful thing at home 🙂 . By the way, I got it on Aliexpress for something like 60 Czech Crowns.

If you want, you can end your manicure here and you will have a pretty design. However, I am a complicated person 😀 . Next, I had to apply a holographic top coat.

Well, you cannot much see the holographic effect but it is really there, believe me 😀 . Of course, if you want you can finish here. I just wanted more. And with this more, I mean the galaxy with all details!

Are you a stamping plate collector like me? Then this one needs 😀 . So many patterns in such a little space. What else should we wish for? You can find this plate here.

Stamping in this design is both, classical and reverse. It depends just on your preference how much you want to fill in with colours. I decided just for the planets and the fire. After stamping is done, apply a top coat and we are done! 🙂 How do you like this design?


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