Creating with plate BP-L093 + video

Creating with plate BP-L093 + video

Hello! As I promised yesterday, here is a new article, which also includes a video on one of these four manicures. Which? So far, you can guess. I got a BP-L093 plate thanks to collaboration and I liked it to such extent that I had to create several designs with it. In this article I will tell you something closer to these four.

At first, I started with a wicker basket. I like this pattern, once I tried to draw it by hand, but it looked disastrous. It’s very easy with this plate. Almost. I used the reverse stamping technique and first printed the patterns on the silicone pad. I let the polish dry. Another trick I learned is to use a stamping polish that cannot be overcome and overlap with a more flexible top coat. So, I used a stamping polish from Essence (unfortunately it is not produced or sold anymore) and the top coat from Victoria beauty – Quick dry 60 seconds Gloss & Protect. I bought this top coat in Bulgaria and I do not even know what brand it is or whether it is sold anywhere in our country. After several tests, I found that this polish will not make your creation too robust or protected. You will have a groove from your hair there or it would get peeled off eventually. These are its minuses and its big plus is that it is perfect for reverse stamping. It will last longer and will stick you to the nail. Then you just fix it with your favorite top coat and that’s it.

After a while, I began to color the various pattern boxes with colored polishes. I chose blue, violet, green and yellow. Another tip for you, try to do it as carefully and gently as possible, so you do not spoil your hard-pressed pattern. After a while, I used the already mentioned Victoria polish and was waiting again. About half an hour later, I peeled off the sticker from the silicone pad, put a small amount of the top coat on my fingernail and tried to stick the sticker nicely. I pressed the edges, especially at the cuticle and nail tips. I used a silicone carving tool, you know it. I cut the unpainted sticker with pliers and, for even better effect, I cleaned the overlapping edges with a brush with a polish remover.

I like the result so much. But I also did it on a second try. I did not like the first one. This is a completely neutral pattern, just change colors and you can use it for both spring and winter. It might look good with a combination of menthol green and gold. What do you think?

Let’s start a little bit! Cracks and holes after shooting. On these nails I used a metallic polish from in silver and I dare say that it was a total hit 😀

I stamped with my favorite white polish from MoYou – White Knight. Simple and if you love such a metallic color, I think it’s right for you.

These nails remind me of candy, I do not know exactly the name, but they are common. And that was not my intention! I used a beautiful pattern of water marble on a pink base that I created with Essence’s painting called 13 Forgive me. The black polish is from Enii Nails Midnight and I have to say it’s peeling off terribly fast. After three days, nails did not look good. Unfortunately. But not to criticize just the black polish, so the pink color is so nasty. The golden flakes that you can see on three fingers are from Born Pretty Store and it was fun to put them on. I had no problem with them.

So now, the reason number two why I chose this plate. To try to fake the watermarble. And I quite achieved that, what do you say? Those colorful nails remind me of tie-dyed shirts 😀 .

Not just to write and show you how I made these nails, I shot you a video. From yesterday’s it’s a little better. I will be happy for your positive and negative feedback!

You can buy the plate on this link or search under ID 40229. It costs $3 and I think it’s a super investment. Beautiful designs and the plate will definitely not get destroyed. Some patterns from this board have already been seen in the previous articles, namely Testing of thermo polish from Born Pretty Store or Tormentor in Orange.

How did you like today’s article? Did you like the video? Let me know in the comments! Thanks!

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