Šarlota’s package from Bornprettystore.com VIII.

Šarlota’s package from Bornprettystore.com VIII.

Hi, Today I will show you again some new arrivals I got in the package from Bornprettystore.com. You can see here as always some stamping plates, two polishes and also beautiful rhinestones. So, let’s check them out.

Space. Who wouldn’t be fascinated by it right? 🙂 I am one of those people, who can lay down in the grass in the evening and just watch all the stars above me. This is also a reason, why I have to have this plate in my collection when I saw it on the e-shop. The plate is really small but look, how many patterns are there, it is almost incredible. You will find here everything from planets to the UFO 😀 .

This plate you will find here

Describe this plate with just one world? CUTENESS! Have you ever seen someone with penguins on their nails? (Well except me on Instagram 😀 ) Everybody is just wearing a boring terrible french mani or plain red… Nothing for me! When comes to nail art, then rock it, baby. It is super that this plate includes mountains, a tree or snowflakes and not only penguins. That means you can make some collages from stamping and make something like a penguin in front of a mountain or a penguin peeking behind the tree 😀 . You are just free to be creative 🙂 .

This plate you will find here

The last plate to the party is this with animals. This is the similar case like with the space one and I mean by it it is really full of patterns – which is amazing. I really appreciate the creativity of this design of animals. It is something really new and unseen. I like all those motives expect the owl or what it should be 😀 (left side under the tiger). I belive, you like it too.

This plate you will find here

So when we have such pretty plates, we will need something to stamp with right? That is why I chose this green stamping polish. This colour I didn’t have and I thought surely it will be useful. I already tried it on a fake nail and the stamp is gorgeous both over the white and black. You will see this polish in action here on blog or on my Instagram @vinklarova.nails

This polish you will find here

We have here another polish but this time it’s a gel polish. And some of you maybe already noticed this beauty is a thermal polish. That means it changes its colour depending on the temperature. On these pictures, you can see a blue. This colour you will see when it’s cold. And when the temperature rises, the polish will change its colour to the absolutely amazing sparkly silver. It looks like when you look into the fresh new snow, just magical. It is a pity I can’t show you today. You will have to wait for a swatch 🙂

This thermal gel polish you will find here


Finally, I have there this product – or should I say products? 🙂 – from today’s package. It is really similar to the Swarovski rhinestones type AB, which I haven’t tried yet, so I won’t be able to compare them. Anyway, they look amazing on a first look. You can notice all of the colours on them and they sparkle. The size of rhinestones is SS6 and as you can compare it to my pinkie, it is just the perfect size. You can choose from 7 sizes and this is just a golden middle 🙂 .

Those rhinestones you will find here


How did you like today’s package and which product was your favourite?


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