Looting in a drugstore, 6+ mini review and swatches

Looting in a drugstore, 6+ mini review and swatches

A great batch of everything I was able to loot in drugstores in a few months! There are more than 6 polishes waiting for reviews and swatches. Some polishes are hot news, and some are limited editions. If you were thinking of buying one of them, I hope I can help you decide.out.

Essence – Holo rocks from the Holo Rainbow collection. A few months old. I have owned this polish for a long time, that can be proven by the pictures that are showing the flowers and the pool. I’m publishing these articles at such a speed. Back to the polish. It is a beautifully blue polish that should be holographic. And indeed, it is, it contains holographic blue glitter. I applied the polish with a brush, I did not use a sponge and it even covered nicely. I do not like these holographic polishes with big glitters, but this one is quite alright. The only thing that bothers me is the price, $3.5. Essence is already raising their prices.

Trend it Up from Color expression with number 10. Even before it appeared in our drugstores, I saw him at Instagram and fell in love. It is a white polish that has tiny silver flakes in it that can only be seen when it is closely explored. At the first polishing, I was quite disheartened because it made smithereens because of the flakes and almost did not cover it. This effect, which you can see in the photos, I got with three layers.

Essence from the “Glow & Care with kukui oil” collection called Berry caring. It caught my attention in a sale basket, has a very interesting purple color, but it seems to me that it does not fit me. Now I do not know if the mess you can see was nail polish or my nails. I will have to try it again, but at this point I would not recommend it.

Catrice from the Traveling story collection called Deep dark waters. These bottles have overwhelmed Instagram, I’ve seen it every day, and I’ve been wondering where the brush is and how it works. I bought it again in the sale, maybe you can find it in some of the remote drugstores. It looks very nice on nails, but it’s a shame that these darker shades sometimes look strange black.

Essence from the “Hip girls blue jeans” collection called Don’t be shy. Perfection! The most amazing light blue polish I could have had on my nails. This and Essence 39 blue bubble di blue. It has a gorgeous matte effect, it excels in polishing, and it looks amazing. I have nothing to say, except that it’s a limited edition and when I will run out of it, I won’t know what to do.

Catrice from the Travelling story collection called Skyline. No, no, no. Keep it away from me 😀 This polish has terribly disappointed me, it does strikes everywhere and the polishing is horrible, just like all the polishes with a chrome effect. I had higher expectations, I hoped they had improved this time.

Essence from the “Hip girls blue jeans” collection called Start the blue rebellion. As I praised the lighter polish from this collection a moment ago, this is a terrible failure. Immediately after polishing, you say, “Yeah, it’ll be good,” but for a moment you turn away, then you look back and you have this there. After a while, the bumps climb out of the polish and I do not like this effect.

Essence from the “Out of space stories” collection named We will spock you! I have a tip for you if you want a lightweight holographic polish in silver, check this one out. Essence sells it out, which I do not quite understand when there are much more worse polishes in this collection… It is lightly applied, does not leak, and if you want to make it harder, flip the holographic top coat over it.

Trend it up – Double volume & shine with the number 81. I finally wanted a nice gray polish and I hit this one. Do you see in the middle of the photo, how it’s light in the bottle and dark on nails? I do not understand how it is possible 😀 They definitely color the bottles differently, so we would like them more and buy them? Questions, only questions… I do not recommend this if you want a nice medium-gray polish.


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