Essence Advent calendar 2017

Essence Advent calendar 2017

Hello everyone! Today I would like to show you the content of the Advent calendar from Essence for 2017. I know it’s a little late, but somehow there was not time for that earlier. Last year, we made you a little bit spoiled and reviewed the advent calendars with all photos on December 25th, but hopefully you won’t mind. When I mention this, last you can see the last year’s calendar that Šarlota bought in this article.

I bought the calendar in November at the e-shop, where it quickly disappeared, and I had to wait for another stock up. And then, when it came, it was lying on my couch for a week before I could start opening it. It has a really beautiful packaging that opens and a beautiful picture. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of it, so please google it out for yourselves.

Let’s go through of all that was inside. Again, all the things will be in the order they were in the calendar. (I’d like to apologize beforehand to all the perfectionists who will furious about the imbalance of the white color in the pictures, I did not have the nerves and always photographed in the lightbox, but there was always some other light. So sorry.)

4 in 1 file

Polish I love Trends, 3 Me& and my snowflakes

Lipstick 16 I am yours!

The first days were good because 2 out of 3 products were nail polish. Nail files are never enough, and anyone who has a different side is pleased. I have not tried the beige polish yet, but I have to admit it has a lovely wrapper. And to know something else about me, I’m not much of a lipstick lover. I have had two lipsticks at home, for a few years, and I use them for more festive events. But I liked this lipstick in shade “I am yours!”, and instead of donating or selling, I decided to keep it. I tried it a few times at home, and unfortunately, it was not very good.

Gift bags

Make-up sponges in shapes of hearts

I love Extreme Crazy volume mascara

The product, which was in the fourth box, was a rolled gift bags with cute prints. What I’m going to tell you, I used them for Christmas. Other things were heart-shaped make-up sponges. I do not see much difference in those sponges or if you want beauty blenders and they work well for me. And if you do not use them for make-up, you can use them for ombré for your nails, where their purpose is fulfilled. What surprised me with this mascara, I honestly did not expect any such thing in the calendar, but I did not hesitate to use it. I have fairly short and straight lashes, and this mascara will enchant me with long and beautiful lashes. The only big minus is that after a few hours it is terribly erasing, and you have it almost everywhere.

Polish I love Trends 1 hohoho my love

Kajal pencil, black


The red-pink polish will surely find its place in my polish collection. I’m also glad they’re small packs, so they’re consumed faster. The kajal black pencil for eyes is not my cup of tea, because I cannot draw with it, so I gave it to my mom. I’ve been waiting for a sharpener for a whole month, since my eyebrow pencil is dull like a hoof and I knew that in this calendar there would be a pencil sharpener, and that’s why I did not want to buy any.

Gift tags

Hydrating lip balm


The gift tag is another thing that has been used over Christmas. But thing I cannot say the same about the lip balm. I like lip balm, but it cannot dye. I have tried this several times and I think the paint is damaging it. It makes unpleasant red maps on your lips. And the last thing in this trio is a tweezers with pink penguins that have almost a straight peak. I rather prefer more skewed, but I can use it even when doing nails.

Eyebrow pencil

Nail stickers

Polish I love Trends 4 the xmas nail story

We continue with a brown eyebrow pencil. I’m lucky to be a brunette, because being a blonde and getting this pencil, would make me quite upset. I will use the pencil, but I will use it with my consumption rate, for as long as five years 😀 Are you also more pleased to receive a bigger gift? Because the bigger the better. When I opened the huge window in the Advent Calendar, I did not expect to find stickers there. They’re nice and there’s a snow globe, but there could have been something better in such a huge box. Another polish in the Christmas collection in a very indescribable color, I do not know if it’s a lot of violet or weird brown. I have to try it on my nails and see.

All about matt transparent powder

Hand cream

Polish I love Trends 2 santa clause’s suprise

I finally got it, the fixing Essence powder, which I heard about from GetTheLouk. After two weeks of use, I can say that it’s not that good. And it seems to me that thanks to it I’m even whiter than normal. But I’m sure I will use it all. Hand creams will always get handy. The small package is very sympathetic, and the scent is classic sweet, sorry, I cannot describe the fragrance well enough. And the trio closes with the red-orange polish. There is not enough polishes ever, and I like that this calendar is not just face decorations.

Transparent lip pencil

Lipstick 5 Red-y or not?

Hair bands

A great surprise for me was a transparent pencil for lips. Without the girls (shout out to Míša and Šarlota!) I would not even know what it is. It is said that thanks to this miracle, lipstick should not feather. So, I tried it, tried to apply it and then put the lipstick that was right in the second box, Red-y or not? Well, the stamina was about half an hour. Maybe that’s because I’ve been eating dinner for half an hour and not thinking about lipstick. And then I noticed that my lips were quite dry. But I will give them a chance. Cable from the phone, so I say these bands. I’m too lazy to do some hairstyles, even a ponytail, but I feel like they’re going to be useful some time. But it’s not something that would make me extremely excited.

Polish I love Trends 5 hello nice to glitter you!

Fingers and wrists stickers

Mirror and comb in one

The last polish in the collection, right in golden glitter color. And for this gold tattoos, I really enjoyed them, so they will be great for taking pictures. Finally, December 24, the rose gold mirror with a comb. Hey people, does somebody really use it or why did they put it in the last field? I thought this was terribly old school. I guess I’ll have to learn how to use it…


Finally, I’m so happy, but I see quite the same content as last year. The next (or this year 2018) I will not order this calendar, because there will be almost the same things as in the last year’s. What do you think? How did you like this calendar?


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