Balea Advent calendar 2017

Balea Advent calendar 2017

Finally, I’ve put together all the photos for the Balea Advent Calendar from 2017 and finally it’s possible to come out with the article 🙂 Although it’s late, but you’ll be grateful in a year. If you have not seen what was the Advent Calendar last year, check out this article. Since I was smart this year, I have products sorted according to how they were in the calendar, and all of them are photographed both in the light box and above the box calendars. I am proud of myself. And if you haven’t noticed, I was posting almost every day a photo of what was in the calendar on my Instagram.

Balea Cream Shower Gel Magic Winter with Violet-Raspberry scent 50 ml.

Balea Cleansing Gel & Eye Make-up Remover 2 in 1 Magic Winter 20 ml.

Balea Cream for normal and mixed skin Magic Winter 20 ml.

This calendar focuses on care rather than decorative cosmetics, so the shower gel does not disappoint right in the first box. It has an interesting purple color, but it smells beautiful. I have tried the washing gel already, but I have to say that it was difficult to get it off my eyes and I only had mascara. I tried the face cream and it didn’t do anything special to my skin, I did not cry and did not wake up in the morning as ten years younger.

Balea Night Anti-Wrinkle Cream Q10 Magic Winter 5 ml.

Balea Butter for cold strained hair Magic Winter 20 ml.

Balea Creamy Shower Gel with Ginger scent 50 ml.

I had experience with the night cream from the previous calendar and I was not happy with it. This time I took it to grace, and I really tried putting it on my face, but it’s something so sticky and strangely smelling that it’s not possible. I’d rather put it on legs. These are just surpluses left over from the past year, so I was expecting another disappointment in the form of a daily facial cream from this line. The fun is that there were advertisements on the streets before Christmas and I remember that full packing costs $3.

I tried the hair butter too, and it didn’t work as I expected. When I have wet hair, they are soft and straight, but after drying it is just a horror and terror, as if I had a nest instead of hair.

I would also like to comment on the shower gel. The idea of ​​making a shower gel with a gingerbread smell is great, but no more. At the first moment you put the shower gel on you, you say, yeah, okay, that’s good, it’s kind of nice, but after a few minutes you’re choking and wanting to get rid of it. One has to feel clean after a bath / shower, not as if he stood in the kitchen next to a plate and baked ginger sweets for five hours.

Balea Hand Balm and Nails Magic Winter 20 ml.

Balea BB Cream Magic Winter 10 ml.

Balea Facial Mask After sport Magic Winter 2×8 ml.

The hand balm, that’s what I was looking forward to. Unfortunately, I also disappointed me, because I cannot pass over that scent. I cannot describe it, but it does not smell good to me. Who had such a stupid idea to invent a BB cream which has orange-like color? And what about it in the winter? I do not understand that. Mask after sport, it suits. I have not tried it yet.

Balea Deep Skin Peeling Magic Winter 20 ml.

Balea Skin Emulsion Magic Winter with Chai latte scent 50 ml.

Balea Feet Butter Magic Winter 20 ml.

I did not try the deep peeling because I did not know for a long time what it was, and wondered what it could mean. An emulsion with Chai latte aroma? Simply – yuck. It does not smell good at all. And the feet butter is pleasing.

Balea Hair Shampoo Magic Winter 50 ml.

Balea Hair Balm Magic Winter 50 ml.

Balea Shower Peeling Magic Winter 50 ml.

Now we get to the controversial things, namely shampoo and hair balm. Some hate them, some love them. I tried this combo at the weekend and I was very happy. I have not had such beautiful voluminous hair for a long time. It is a shame they don’t sell these products in larger packages. I do not want to look among their fifty kinds of shampoos for one that will be as close as possible to this. I didn’t have time to try the peeling, so I will not tell you more about it.

Balea Body Lotion Magic Winter with Vanilla Ice cream scent 50 ml.

Balea Skin Emulsion Aqua Magic Winter 20 ml.

Balea Facial Mask Magic Winter 2×8 ml.

The body emulsion has a pleasant vanilla scent, for which I am grateful, finally something that does not stink. My skin emulsion and mask have not yet been tested. And if you’re wondering why there’s just a part of the mask, that’s because it’s probably a mistake in the production, and the glue stuck half of that mask to the calendar and it took me long time to tear it off.

Balea Refreshing and Setting Make-up spray 50 ml.

Balea Lip Peeling Magic Winter 8 ml.

Balea Hair Mask for the night Magic Winter 20 ml.

The setting spray is really refreshing because it does not spray a gentle mist, but occasionally water. So you may be surprised of what is happening 😀 The lip peeling is absolutely amazing thing, I’m going to use it for sure. And I did not try the mask for the night yet.

Balea Selfie Ready Cream Magic Winter with Glittering pigments 20 ml.

Balea Creamy Shower Gel Magic Winter with Orange-cinnamon scent 50 ml.

Compressed towel from 100% cotton – 1 piece.

Selfie ready cream is something like a primer (I guess) and it doesn’t do any miracles, or at least I did not notice any. The shower gel smells like an orange tea, which is pleasant for the winter. And a towel on Christmas Eve? Are they crazy? I’ve waited for the perfume to be there as it was last year and nothing. Oh no.


Overall, I would rate this calendar not well, I think it would be 5.5 points out of 10. Next year I will consider buying it a lot. And what about you? Did you have this calendar and how did you like it? Write me your comments down below.



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