Stuff from part 3

Stuff from part 3

Hello, today we are here again collaborating with the e-shop, where Lucka will show you the Aquarelle polishes that you won’t find anywhere else! And Šarlota will introduce Konad stamping polishes and one big plate. Are you curious? 🙂


Today I will have it simple because I have chosen three gel polishes from the Aquarelle collection. And if you want to know what collection is this, I will tell you. These polishes are produced by NeoNail and I have not seen another brand on our market selling polishes with similar properties. It’s about having one as base coat and the others colouring. With the colouring ones, you draw into the base coat and the colours are beautifully soaked into. Like watercolours. Something in the style of milk and dishwashing detergent (have you seen the videos all over the net, how do they put the dye in the dishwashing detergent, and then they put milk in it? If not, go check it out). I do not understand how they did that, but it’s here 😀 I’m curious how it goes, everybody says it’s easy and it’s all right. But we’ll see. I chose a white base coat and a black and blue colour. When I try everything, I will definitely tell you more details 🙂

You can find the link for the white base coat here, for the black polish here, for the blue polish here and if you want to read something about this collection, look here.


In my package was this giant stamping plate and two polishes by Konad. Let’s look at them gradually so I would start with those polishes first.

I knew the Konad brand but I have not ever had some of their products. To be honest, I was really sceptic about it. The bottles looked cheap and unprofessional to me, so I wasn’t able to trust them. Well, it is no wonder when one bottle costs 139 Kč. But our friend Míša (@misulina_) constantly persuaded us, that the Konad stamping polishes are really good and she does not use any other brand. So I thought I will give them a try but I was still full of distrust. That is why I would like to apologise for the distrust now because my experiences with those polishes are positive only…

As you can see here they have a really good coverage. Mostly the gold one. By the way, I am sorry about this messy stamping 😀 . Stamping on the real nails is much easier for me than stamp on the fake ones. However you can see, the silver polish is a liiitle bit weaker, on the white especially. But it is probably because it is light colour to light base. On the black is it very opaque just as we want from the silver. The gold one is seeable in both black and white pretty good. So by me, really big thumbs up for those polishes and be prepared for the article only about stamping with those two beauties 🙂 .

Golden polish Konad 336 you can find here

Silver polish Konad 313 you can find here

And we are getting to the last item from my parcel. On the photo it maybe looks not so big, but in real the proportions of this plate are 15×9 cm! And that is a really big plate. I was looking forward to it because I was fascinated by those parrots and lizards. Unfortunately, I found out, the plate arrived a little bit damaged. But thankfully most of the patterns are ok. It is really a pity though…

Here is some close up on the damaged part. But wait for a second… I will tell you what I just saw… When I am writing this article I am also looking on this plate and I noticed on the damaged parts, there is still some deeper parts, where the design should be. I was really curious so I tried to stamp ower it. And this is the result:

It is clear that those won’t be like super sharp and nice but I tried multiple times and sometimes it picked up one part and sometimes the other one… If I would be trying really hard, maybe I would pick up all the parts of the design 🙂 . I am really glad it is not completely destroyed. And by the way, I was stamping with a golden Konad 😉 .

When we won’t be looking on this little defect, this plate is really cute and nice and I will definitely make designs with it on my nails. If you like this plate, you can find it here. (I am sure you will get perfectly scooped out patterns. And if there will be some damage, don’t be scared to write to the e-shop, they will definitely kindly resend you new goods 🙂 )


So that will be all by us today. What product is your favourite?

Šarlota + Lucie

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