Review: Aquarelle gel polishes

Review: Aquarelle gel polishes

Welcome to the new article. The entire article will be dedicated to the Aquarelle polish collection, which I received from the e-shop At first glance, it looks quite simple, but I totally mistrusted these creatures. For those who do not know what they are, they are the polishes that “repel” each other. So, I got a white base coat and two colours (black and blue). If you are interested, I add links here: white base coat here, black polish here, blue polish here.

Since I did not even know how these polishes would behave and did not want to spoil my own nails ( 😀 ), I chose the experimental rabbit – my grandmother. I created vortices, flowers, dots and various other things, but it still did not seem as beautiful as on the promo photos. I was hoping that it would last my grandmother for a few days, so I was very surprised to call on the next day and she said that half of it disappeared. And yet, when writing an article, she says I have to write that it stayed longer than the blue one that the whites were more susceptible 😀 I do not know how much that is true because I did not wear any of these designs long enough to do it confirm or refute.

My second attempt on marble nails. I wanted the white and black colours mainly to try and finally get those marvellous marble nails. Here you see the result. I personally am not happy with it and it was a hell to draw this. In a white, undried base coat, you draw a tiny dot with a tiny brush, and in fifteen seconds you have gravy and black lines that cannot be seen at all. And the more you put it there, the more you spoil it. Oh no.

Another attempt was made on the same day as I saw this post on Facebook NaniNails. I have a white, black and even blue polish, so I have to try it, though it must work. Well, you see the result above. It looks like it’s gentle, but the opposite is true! I’ve been playing with it for a long time, with every nail, and I wanted it to be perfect. It was not. In these attempts I no longer used a brush, but a needle.

I already asked Instagram what the trick is, or why it looks the way it looks, and the girls said that a brush with a few bristles, but I tried it and it did not work much. If you have experience with these polishes and you have helpful advice, please share it with me in the comments. Thank you!

Since at that time I had a newly purchased powder from Indigo, which should be polished in the no wipe polish, I thought nothing else but to try to polish it into the Aquarelle base coat. Since this white polish is the no wipe, the result was absolutely magical, and I got a million praises for my nails. So have a look 😉

Thanks again to the e-shop for sending these polishes and I promise to learn and do it until it’s as beautiful as on their promo photos! Even if it would take me forever 😀



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