From autumn to winter with

From autumn to winter with

Prepare your snacks, popcorn, coffee or tea, as a long article waits for you today. A bit Christmas, a bit autumn (because I’m slow) but definitely beneficial. Inside the article, you can find a review of the famous Konad polishes and a one life hack you may know or do not know. And six nail arts 😉

A few weeks ago, I received these products from the e-shop and I was pretty curious about them. I’ve tried them before, so you don’t have to. And in this article, I want to show you these things. And what is it all about? Decorating pen, stamp polish and stickers.

The famous stamping polish from Konad, not having it is like not living. I can proudly say that I have begun to live. All the time, Míša is extoling it in our FB conversation, and I and Šarlota just shake our heads. It does not even seem to be worth it, what can be better than a stamping polish from Essence?

Although the polish costs $7, you have 11 ml of it, which will surely last for several months. And how was the working with it? Great. The polish is beautifully pigmented, but it’s not like that sticky polish that makes smithereens. It will not dry out on the plate and it will be superbly transferred to the stamp. I was purely amazed. It nicely attaches to your nail. So, at the end I can recommend this polish, it is 100 % better than the one from Essence 😀 And you will not be able to get that one anymore because they stopped selling it.

If you are interested in this stamp, here is a link.

So come and look at the things I’ve created with it.

As Christmas is approaching, I cannot forgive to have them even on my nails. You can already see this design from our introductory photos, both on the blog and on Facebook (if you are not following us, go fix it @NailsfromCzech). I used a holographic (even if it’s hard to see 🙁 ) powder in gold from MK Profinails and the red polish from the Astor (Red velvet shade) and the golden glitter polish from Colaramy. If you want to know the quality of that stamping, look for almost a year-old article where I stamped the same pattern but the polish from Essence. You can find the link here. I certainly improved, but part of my failure was also the polish’s fault 😀

The Christmas spirit breathes on you from these nails. Blue just belongs to it and without it, it would certainly not work. This time, I used my new catch from Trend it up from the Velvet sensation collection (number 20), the damn blue powder from Aglia called Sky blue Hologram that did not want to hold on to my nails at all, and of course the Konad stamp polish. Unfortunately, I do not belong to people who can get snowflakes despite the pink background, so hopefully you will forgive me. Once again, you can see that the stamping was very easy, and especially the polish did not stain the cuticle when it was removed from it.

Third time lucky and Christmas-y. I chose a slightly more glamorous background because this design is not enough kitschy in itself (although?). I really love Christmas trees on my nails and this year I could not miss it. All patterns are from the Born Pretty Store plate – number BPX-L008. I really like the pattern on my little finger, it looks like a flask. A special effect on the middle finger is made with a Primark effect polish (you read well, they sell a nail polish in Primark and if you’re going there, check out the holographic ones). Stamping again with the Konad.

In order not to be a Christmas maniac, let’s take a moment to relax with this pen. It was meant to be a 2 in 1 pen, a pen + brush, but I do not have enough education and qualification, because I managed to open only the top with a brush. The polish inside is white in colour with pearl and we can be discussing its quality for a long time. It definitely doesn’t look like a professional one that your professional nail artist would use. But now let’s not look at the packaging, let’s look at what it can do. You can find the link here. If you still want to count on this pen, I will refer you to this post on my Instagram.

That’s something right? You have not seen straight lines like this before, or even never 😀 With a paintbrush, it worked beautifully, the polish was not too transparent nor too dense. I just had the problem to apply the same amount of polish on each line, but it certainly could be done with a bit of practice. It feels great that I was able to get it done, what do you think?

And now for the final evaluation. This pen, which costs $3.5, is not worth the price. If you thought I was going to praise it up to heaven, you’re wrong. I really cannot recommend it because it does not fill half its function (even when my boyfriend tried to open it with pliers!), the polish inside could have been a better quality and you get straight lines only with a long thin brush, which will cost you less (assuming you will buy it on Ebay/Aliexpress).

Another thing I could find in the package was these stickers. At their e-shop I was fascinated by the leaves that look like stained glass, and because they were very nice at the e-shop, they added other Christmas stickers to my package! Thank you very much! And I do not know if you’ve heard that “story” but mine and Šarlota’s package did not reach us as usual. At the Interbeauty trade fair this autumn, we had a meeting with the representatives of this e-shop who handed us over the packages. It was great to see at least for once the faces of the people we write and work with 🙂

An older but still autumn leaf design. Leaves look beautiful, but they are madly fragile, and I broke few of them. And they stick incredibly. Everywhere you put it, it’s just hard take it off. That’s why I have two leaves stuck to my nail pad.

If you like the same as me and want to have it in your collection, click here. These cards were chosen by my colleague blogger Alice, you can see her creation here 🙂

And for this article, I’ll be giving you another Christmas nail art. For these nails, I combined a decorative pen and a sticker. Holographic polish of pink colour from the Golden Rose brand (if you love holographic things and do not want to spend it for you, look for these, they cost only $2.5). The little angel who would please my mom and grandmother on their nails is from the sticker you can buy here. PS: do you like this little reindeer?

That would be all, and I would like to thank the e-shop for this beautiful package. Surely go look at their page, you will definitely dig out some treasures! What nails did you like from this article? 🙂


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