Jump in a jungle

Jump in a jungle

Winter is beautiful but in my opinion, the summer is much better 😀 . So that’s why we are going to make today article warmer. With this beautiful plate from Naninails.cz e-shop, you have already met in our previous article (here). I was talking about this plate a lot, so if you miss it, feel free to read it. Today we will be just stamping with it. Let’s go 🙂 .

You all probably already know, how much I love nature. So you won’t be surprised, how much I like this plate. For my nails, I chose animal motives but of course, there is some flora too 🙂 .

As my base colour, I went with this OPI named Live and let die. Well, I must say, I am quite disappointed. As you can see, in the bottle the polish looks very pretty. It has a nice green shimmer and it looks interesting. However, on my nails it looks like a mud 🙁 . It is very strange, how the polish can look soo different in the bottle and on the nails after painting. But we are going to fix it! 🙂

For a stamping, I used the Konad polish number 313 (you can find it here), which is the best seen over the dark colours as this one. On my pinkie and point finger, I did a flower pattern, ring and middle finger animal motive and on the thumb, I mixed it up. The hummingbird looks so cute am I right?

On this picture I really like, you can see the shimmer which I expected to see everywhere and expected to see it much better of course 😀 . I think, this silver gave it really cool look and save the day. The plate stamped amazing and I had no problems at all. If you liked this plate, you can find it here.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and if you are frozen as I am, then also a fast summer come back 😀 Did you like today’s design?


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