3 tips for Christmas stamping

3 tips for Christmas stamping

I bet you’re already getting into that Christmas mood 🙂 . Well, the shopping centers point you at Christmas almost in September and now you can see the lights, Santas and who knows what else on every corner. Well, how do you get immersed in Christmas? Sure, with beautiful nails! Today we are going to talk about these two Konad polishes, which were provided by NaniNails.cz e-shop. These polishes are designed for stamping. Well, how did these polishes survive my test?


I have had this first motif in my mind since early November :D. On one of my MoYou plates, I have a stamp of these amazing reindeers. They are delightful, and it was just a clear choice. Design is absolutely simple. You will only need this:

  • brown shimmering polish (Essence – 45 yumiiii!)
  • red polish (Essence – 14 do you speak love?)
  • red glitter in a polish (Essence – 15 hey love!)
  • golden stamping polish (Konad 336)
  • a stamping plate to your liking (MoYou Animal 05
  • gold stones – in my case squares (Born Pretty Store)

You polish up your finger and thumb with the red polish, and the rest you polish with the brown polish. Apply glitter to the make-up sponge and transfer it using a sponge on a red base coat. And you can say that this is done halfway through :D. Now we are stamping all the brown nails with golden reindeers and, as a bonus, we put one stone on both red nails. And we’re done! Awesome, right?

I worked really well with the golden polish. You can see that it covers absolutely amazingly over the dark colors and that’s exactly what we want 🙂 .

If you thought about the first design that it was simple, then this one is absolutely trivial. Here is a list of only four things you will need:

  • green polish (Zoya – Merida)
  • golden glitter in a polish (Essence – 01 I ♥ my golden pumps)
  • golden stamping polish (Konad 336)
  • stamping plate (BPX – L008)

Let’s start by polishing all our nails with the green polish. Then I picked my little finger and my index finger, and I put golden flakes in the polish. I did it again with a make-up sponge and tried to apply it like an ombré, that is, to make them as close as possible to the end of the nail, and gradually disappear into the skin. And for the rest of my fingers I chose a classic sweater motif with reindeers, flakes, hearts, etc. And now you have to just polish it with a top coat and you just created another Christmas design 🙂 .

If you are interested in this color, you can find it here. And if you still miss a gift for Christmas for a friend who likes nails, it’s definitely a good and up-to-date gift! 🙂


In this design, I have played enough with all the possible and impossible nail decoration techniques. I even managed to think of one thing 😀 . I used:

  • blue pearl polish (Flormar – deep blue)
  • syrenki powder (Indigo 01)
  • violet caviar beads
  • gel coat top coat and base coat (BP)
  • silver stamping polish (Konad 313)
  • stamping plate (BPX – L008)

These nails can look complicated, but again it’s not a science 🙂 . Apply a base blue polish. Let it dry thoroughly (means overnight). The next day, we apply the gel top coat to the nail, and before we bake it, we put small beads into it. This part seems simple, but if you want to have beads evenly all over your nail, you will have to play with it for a while. When you’re satisfied, bake it with the lamp.

Put the wipe off base coat on the rest of the fingers. Now comes the part that I invented my own method in 😀 . Regarding syrenki powder I had a vision that would be beautifully polished. But it should be poured into wipe off… That’s why I baked the base coat for two minutes and then splashed it with the powder. I cleared the area with a brush and polished with the gel top coat. Somehow, I did not even think of trying to polish something in the wipe off, and I thought the effect would only come after the pouring. Well, unfortunately 😀 .

And here you can see how it went. It does not look bad at all, no. It’s not exactly what I imagined 😀 . In order to achieve that polishing, I would have to bake the base coat for only one and a half minute, sprinkle with powder and then polish it with some bigger brush. But I did not want to re-do it anymore, and I thought it was good enough 😀 .

Well, and lastly, on my nails, besides the ring finger, I printed silver flakes.

I found that silver can be seen a lot better over darker backgrounds, so I recommend printing on them. Otherwise, I like this motif very much. It reminds me of a frozen window 🙂 . The silver polish can be found on this link.

I hope you enjoyed my winter nail ideas and finally I have a question. Do you prefer gold or silver? 🙂


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