To the world of narwhals and whales

To the world of narwhals and whales

Do you know a magical animal named narwhal? It is really beautiful and threatened grampus living in the Arctida zone. It looks like a sea unicorn and it is necessary to protect it! For a long time, I wanted a plate with a pattern with this cute animal. And finally, I was lucky to find one – MoYou Animal collection 05 from the e-shop

On this plate, you won’t find just narwhal. There is a plenty of sweet animals. Even the dinosaurs! And those deers? Perfect for upcoming Christmas! 🙂 Are you also in love now? In this case, you can find this plate here.

As a base colour for this motive, I used a polish by Essence – Midnight sky. It is stunning blue which completely drags you in itself. It is just beautiful lacquer. And for bubbles and fill in the narwhals, I used also Essence polish called Miracle stone.

The plate has again a pretty lady on its back, which represents the collection Animal. I really love it, because this is something other plates don’t have. The stamping with it was so nice. It has a deep furrow, so the stamper can pick up even the tiniest lines.

Did you like today’s design? I hope so. And if you did not know narwhal, maybe you taught something new too 🙂 .


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