Tinkering with unicorn powder

Tinkering with unicorn powder

Hi and welcome to the new article! Did you go with the hype about the powder with the name Aurora? And you also do not like the price too much? Because who wants to give 10 dollars for a few grams of powder, right? Especially when you have a huge consumption. That’s why I searched the Internet a little and found an alternative to that powder. The manufacturer gives it a million names, such as unicorn, mirror, chameleon, chrome, or even mermaid powder. According to me, it is just words and its final effect looks a lot like Aurora. It just does not cost so much, “just” 3 dollars for 0.2 grams. That’s why I call it the cheaper version of Aurora. I picked it at the bornprettystore.com e-shop, with which we have long-term collaboration, and you can find a link to this powder here or search for ID 40447.

The powder has a strange texture, it’s not a glimpse of the expensive version of Aurora (which you could see in this article), but what life has taught me is that I should give everyone a chance. The powder otherwise has no reflections in the box, you see only white and sometimes blue.

And now to what powder really is on my nails. As you can see, it has a beautiful pink colour with green reflections. On my four nails I have a black no wipe off polish and on the ring finger, I have the polish from Sally Hansen – Ruby to, which is wipe off. These powders should be put only on no wipe off polishes, otherwise you will not get that beautifully glossy effect. It was really easy to work with it, I did not even spill it, and the polishing went also with no problem.

This powder is sold in several shades, I just picked the number 2, but you can look for other shades. In the pictures there is also shown how the polish looks on different base coats. For sluggers I attach a link here again.

As an old, experienced experimenter, I decided to try the powder even on a regular polish. I created a manicure where I used beautiful autumn water stickers and let it all dry. Then I applied the powder to the remaining nails only when the polish was completely dry (about 25 minutes). I tried to apply the powder with a finger instead of the applicator to feel if I accidentally destroy all layers of the polish (and this may happen if you mistakenly estimate dryness). I saw the powder shine in, but it was not extreme, like a gel polish. The result is shown above, the nails are glossier and have a different glare on each light. It looks much better with your own eyes.

On the left you can see my nails before applying the powder and on the right nails after the application. You already see something, right? The polish lit up a little.

Finally, the powder is very useful at its cost, and I would recommend using it with a gel polish for really intense effect. It’s definitely thumbs up from me. And what about you? Do you own any type of Aurora powder at home? And how satisfied are you with it?

If you want to buy something on their e-shop, you can use our 10% discount code MABX31. I would recommend you wait a little while and get your Christmas discounts (or Black Friday discounts), but you will have to expect that it will not come to you until after Christmas.


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