Testing stamping kits by MoYou

Testing stamping kits by MoYou

The brand MoYou we have already introduced to you. Did you know, they have both gorgeous plate and also whole stamping kits? We didn’t know this fact but e-shop Rajnehtu.cz shown us the truth. Both of us got one set and we will show them to you 🙂 .


In this winter season is really important to warm yourself somehow. So why not with your nails? So, what was in my kit?

  • Plate Tropical 15
  • Stamper and scraper (They have their own cute bag you can see in the picture)
  • Stamping polish MoYou – Sweet Lips

This whole kit is dedicated (as you already noticed) to flamingos and pink. Patterns which plate includes are all really nice and the stamping with them is a pleasure. The only thing is, they are so small. This issue has always Lucy but for the first time, I had this trouble too. I was “lucky” I broke my nail really badly recently and I have to cut them down. In another case, I would probably have to connect two stampings. The stamper is marshmallow type, so it is squishy and sticky. Stamping with it was fine and without complications. The scraper is thicker than I am used to but again, it worked with no problem.

The stamping polish has a darker pink shade and as you can see, it stamps amazingly. In this design, I used it as a base too. The coverage in one layer is a matter of course 🙂 . Polish is smaller – 9ml but clearly, it lasts for a long time. You needn’t it too much for stamping.

Are you interested in this kit? If yes, you can see more about it here. And don’t be afraid of the wite polish. I was a bit confused when I received a pink one but in the infobox is written the shade of this pink polish I have gotten. I hope you like my design and now I give the space for Lucy 🙂 .


My set is neutral, so you can use it in summer or winter. And I like these patterns. My set contains:

  • Plate Arabesque 05
  • Stamp and scraper
  • Stamping polish MoYou – White Knight 9ml

For all this you will pay around $23.

What Šarlota did not mentioned is that your set will come in an adorable package that will be super-portable. I wanted to say “super-portable for a trip”, but I do not know who would be pulling this set on vacation 😀 You can also find the “Operating Instructions” inside, which sounds like you are buying a microwave. It’s a couple of pages of how to deal with this set. How to stamp, what to avoid, different tips etc, which I and Šarlota no longer need because we are professionals ( 😀 ). I’ve read it out of curiosity, and if you do not speak English, you won’t be able to read it. But I have to admit it is beautifully processed, there are tips, pictures, how to print and pictures of ladies, which I think are the icons of different collections. For example, I have an Arabesque plaque, so the black-haired lady will be everywhere. Šarlota has Tropical, so everywhere (on the package, on the cover from the plate, on the back of the plate itself) will be a darker lady with curly hair. This had to take a lot of work and the result looks beautiful, so thumbs up.

I’m about to break this off a bit, because I have something to say. As soon as I pulled out the plate, it felt hot. I have seen the size of the patterns. 1.5 x 1.3 cm?! What am I, a five-year-old child? If you’ve come across our blog for the first time and you do not know why I’m upset here, it’s because my thumb is about the size of 1.8 x 2.3 cm. So, the patterns are just small for me. I would never have thought that a brand like MoYou would not think of us, with bigger or longer nails. I was disappointed because the plate, which normally costs $9, would be almost useless for me. I clenched my teeth and decided to create something. Fortunately, my nail broke at that time, so I had to file the others.

Another insight into the plate is that it is very well processed. The pattern is printed very well, and I dare say that it is deeper than usual. That made me take a lot of work when removing the polish from the plate because there was always something left there.

No less important thing was a set and a cute sack with a stamp and a scraper. You may say that it’s a terrible useless thing. Even I was not very excited about the photos because I have my proven stamps at home and they are even transparent. I expected the stamp head to be as hard as the Konad’s, so I was surprised that the stamp was more of a jelly type. I would compare it to the Christmas jelly stamp from Born Pretty Store, just stickier. I tried to stamp with it and I must say that the pattern caught on it wonderfully, and then it was beautiful on the nail. The disadvantage is that it is not transparent, and it could have been even bigger (but with dimensions 3.5 x 2.5 cm it’s just enough). I wanted to let the scraper completely fall asleep, but my curiosity didn’t let me. I tried it, and I won’t get it from my hand and I promote it to my favourite scraper. It shows a pug with a cap and a bow tie and a “Your best scraper” next to it. And they did not go wrong. It’s tiny (5.1 x 3.5 cm), but awesome. It is harder and has a wider width than Born Pretty Store scrapers. It is not elastic at all, it cannot be bent. It certainly will not be the best for all kinds of motifs, but most of them are perfect. If they sold them, I would buy full boxes of them 😀

And now what I enjoyed most, a white polish called White Knight. It has a common white colour, a simple design, a reasonable brush, and consistency is normal, neither thicker nor thinner. And how was the stamping with it? Come look at my creations below.

For this design, I used Zoya polish, which you could have seen in this article. In this attempt I tried to stamp with the stamp that was in the set and since it was not transparent, and I did not ponder it a bit, the forefinger is a completely crooked. You can see the intensity of the white colour on my little finger. I am happy.

Another design where I had to fight the size of the pattern. This time I did just half of my nail and to make it nicely aligned, I used colourful nail stickers. Definitely the Essence stamping polish is nothing when compared to this one. So, this is promoted to my favourite white stamp polish. I will test the Konad polish as well.

I will add a link to this set here. If you did not like the plates or colours of the stamps we had in our sets, look at other variants here. For example, they have lace, different beliefs, or mandalas.

We would recommend this kit if you are starting with stamping and you still have not tested your own stamps and polishes. Definitely think about which plate to try to estimate the size of the patterns a bit better than we do. We can recommend these polishes, and if the price does not hurt you, so go ahead.

That would be all for today’s article, thank you again to the rajnehtu.cz e-shop for sending these sets. You can write down your comments if you have any experience with the MoYou brand. Thanks!


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