Swatch: Rocklac 30 + Halloween design

Swatch: Rocklac 30 + Halloween design

Have you ever tried rocklac by Enii-nails? I haven’t so I decided, I will try one in collaboration with e-shop I saw a lot of positive feedbacks about this polishes. As you all know, I am not confident in polishing with gel polishes as much, as I am with regular polishes. It is very different but I want to learn those polishing skills. Today, you will see my fight with this beauty 😀 .

I won’t lie to you, I wasn’t doing well. I was trying quite hard but even that I have my cuticle dirty and nasty. I had to even recreate three nails because I probably did a thick layer of polish and on some spots, it wasn’t completely baked. But you know what people say… Practice makes perfect 🙂 .

This polish is pigmented really well and you can apply it only in one coat. Even on the pictures, you can see, I did only one coat. I absolutely love that. 😀 . Anyways, this polish is no-wipe. Which is great because you can use it as a base for some pigments (for example the mirror powder, I absolutely need to try out).

So my evaluation of this polish is extremely positive. The only mistake is on my side because I am still quite new at gel polishes. But it will be better and I will hardly practise it 🙂 . The price of this polish is probably higher than you are used to. You can buy it for 290,-Kč on this link. The bottle contains 11ml, so wonť be afraid, it will last you for a long time. I think this price is the reflex of quality, which this product is 🙂 .

And now let’s go to be creative! For my Halloween motive, I used as a base colour the rock lac 30. Because which colour is more specific for this holiday than black? Next, very important step, was to use the glow in the dark powder (you can read more about it in this article).I am still impressed by it… You have your nails in the light for just a little while and they can glow for hours! But there is one disadvantage. The base polish, you put the powder on, won’t be the same as before. That happened to me in the article I spoke about above and this time too. So from deep black, I had dark grey.

After we put on the powder and top coat, we can start stamping. I stamped with three colours – white, red and black. Although, the black is not a good visible on the pictures, with an eye it is good to see. And when the design is glowing, you can see a negative of the stamps. Finally, I used nail studs as eyes for the skeleton.This is the final result. How do you like it? I am satisfied with it 🙂 .

Actually, I don’t celebrate Halloween, I just wanted to have some fun 🙂 . I had one new Halloween plate from born pretty and also one from hehe plates. And how about you? Do you celebrate it or not?


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