Swatch: Chameleon polishes, Tiny Holo Glitter collection

Swatch: Chameleon polishes, Tiny Holo Glitter collection

As you all know from that article, the package from has been traveling to me for longer than usual. That’s why I was surprised to see a smaller package and in it another BP polish two weeks later. I know that I did not order it and I mentioned Alice about this polish (she works as PR for BornPretty and I am in contact with her because of our collaboration) that I like it, so I knew it was from her. Thank you very much, the polish made me very happy 🙂 So let’s get to all the polishes I got.

A chameleon beauty. It reminds me of the Nubar polishes, but in contrast it covers in three layers. It’s not always bright with covering of these polishes, but I’m used to it. The polish is 9 ml and a pleasant, short brush. It throws purple-green reflections, which is what I like about it. This polish came to me in the set with the beauty you see below.

Duo chrome top coat? I need that! And the best combination would be with its brother. I was surprised how quickly it could change the background colour. There is a lot of the chameleon pieces there, so I think it will look nice even on black. I’m still not sure which of these two will be my favourite, but that will show up in some time.

From this polish I was disappointed at first glance. In the title it had the miniature holographic glitter in it. And what is in it? Nothing. It is slightly pearl, and sometimes you will see golden-green reflections. The application was beautiful, it would cover even in one layer, but I wanted to have it properly, so I added another one. It is a bit thicker, but it dries surprisingly quickly. I liked it after a few minutes on my nails, so I started to stare at it and think what it was. Probably how it can make my nails a look of beautiful smooth gel polish.

As I wrote at the beginning, after a couple of weeks, I came across this polish. It is from the same collection, Tiny Holo Glitter. For the first time, the colour was definitely more intense than the blue. It’s a special purple with a pearl effect. The holographic effect also vanished. So how would Cristine say “FAKE HOLO”. Unfortunately, this polish was not as gorgeous as the previous one, since the brush was badly made. A part is shorter and the second is longer. I hope that most of the polishes from this collection don’t have such brushes.

Here are the links and the prices, so you can order them if you like them:

  1. Chameleon polishes, $3.69 for both, link
  2. Tiny Holo Glitter Collection, $3.29 for one, shades 45 and 51, link

How do you like these polishes? Which one would you choose? When I suggest you take a look at their site, there’s a lot of Christmas stuff there. If you are interested in something and would like to order something, do not forget to use our discount code “MABX31”, which will give you a 10% discount.


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