So we celebrated the Halloween with Aurora

So we celebrated the Halloween with Aurora

Halloween this year is behind us and we have only memories left. Well, only if you celebrate this holiday. I am not the biggest fan of this holiday, I do not decorate the interior with skeletons or cobwebs, I do not dress for witches or sexy cats and I don’t walk among people. I live this holiday quietly. It also bothers me when the month before the school year/Halloween/Easter there are the crazy guides everywhere on the internet. Who cares, so soon to create this content? (Christmas, it’s different, leave it to me, I can do it in October). I’m catching the right atmosphere a few days in advance, so this article comes out with a delay.

I did not want to make this article just as a guide to Halloween nails (for 2018 😀 ), but also as a review of the Aurora powder, which is now being praised all over the internet. I chose this powder in collaboration with e-shop and I thank them very much. We will now go ahead and look at the other photos.

I would call these nails a little witchcrafty. That is the pink-green reflections with a combination of black and red nails just look that way. I made the thumb, middle finger and little finger with the Aurora powder, which I am going to tell something about a little further in this article, so let’s focus on the remaining nails. I tried the ombre with gel polishes for the first time, and that is how it looks. I definitely have something to improve and if you have a tip, feel free to write it down in the comments. I have a black spirit on the ring finger, which in the end looks like a magical genie. I also have this sticker from the e-shop and if you are interested, you can browse the rest of the motifs on this link.

There is a lot of auroras and almost every company has “the right original Aurora”. I’m starting to lose what is or is not right, so I have to show you how mine looks. When I saw it for the first time, I was really surprised at how much it was grinded. You almost cannot see any grains there. My has green pink-reflections and here is the link for it. This box has 0.5 g (which is roughly a teaspoon, but I will not try to measure it because I would have lose it all) and costs around $11.

So far, I have tried Aurora only on a gel polish, but I can still see the difference in the final effect. Black polish is my favourite because it holds the powder and the red one is Sally Hansen’s red polish called “Ruby do”. Sally Hansen’s polishes are soak off, so you can see how the effect will not work out and looks rather dirty than improved. Therefore, do not try it out on the soak off polishes.

I would call the application of the powder completely trouble-free, I really did not use much of it because of the fact that it was incredible. It was fun to watch how quickly this powder changed the black background to glossy chrome. I’m certainly not disappointed with it, but if you are repelled because of the high price (at least in my opinion), you can look forward to as a comparison between the cheaper and more expensive version of Aurora.

Here is another story. I always wanted to try to make a bloody hand, and since I got a pretty good stock of liquid latex this year, I decided to do it. I created a layer of latex on my fingers and used a hairdryer until the latex had dried out. Then, with scissors, I created a hole (scar) and teared the surroundings a little bit. I really like the effect of the cracking cuticle around the nails. Then I took a hundred-year-old tempera colours, tried to mix the right shade for half an hour (since I had only black, brown and raspberry red) and then drew. I put the black paint on the scar and then played around. It was really funny. I didn’t look right, because my temper had dried up into a matte effect, so I had to pull the highest calibre of Halloween costumes. Ketchup.

It seemed so ugly that I had the need to show everyone on sight 😀 But as I was starting to sweat from it, it started to peel off soon 🙁 At least I had it washed off in two minutes and I did not have to scrub it for half an hour. You can even scare someone with this effect, if they are looking forward to the Halloween 😀

Probably what you are all waiting for. My most successful piece in a few weeks, I would dare to say. As a result, it looks pretty complicated, but it really is not. I will make it easy for you to do so. The hardest part for me was to figure out what will be on which nail and stick to it even when polishing the base coat polishes. Thumb, middle and little finger with black, index finger and ring finger with white. Then I created a grey polish transition between the white. Meanwhile, when the polish dried out on the two of my nails, I was about to stamp. The theme of spider web, spider and spirit (which I kind of ruined) was from the amazing BornPrettyStore with the BPL-031, which I got from the awesome Verča from blog. Thank you so much 🙂

Then I just glued the stickers from the aforementioned packaging (for those who do not want to look, they are these). On Halloween, these motifs are really wonderful, it would take you a good time to draw them manually, but I have to reproach the thickness of the sticker. It’s bigger than usual (apparently because it’s glitter), so you can see on the nail that there’s something stuck there. Even applying top coat did not help too much, maybe if you used a gel polish. If you do not mind this little thing, definitely take it for the next Halloween, it costs 1 dollar, which is an affordable price.


That’s how I celebrated Halloween. And what about you? Were you creating crazy masks, decorating rooms or forming something on your nails? Send me your comments. And if you’re not following us on Instagram or Facebook, make sure to correct it 😉


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