Šarlota’s package from Bornprettystore.com VII.

Šarlota’s package from Bornprettystore.com VII.

Hello, I received a new package from e-shop Bornprettysore.com again and that means a review of some new products they have! You will find here classically some plates but also one novelty for me. And what is it?


This time I resolved to try some gel polishes. Well, I tried some in past but I hadn’t even a gel base coat and the top coat was not so good too. And I would be really happy if I could improve my gel polish skills because there are a few technics that works properly just with gel polishes 🙁 . For example, the polish you can see on the right is with a magnetic effect. On the cap, you can see a little spoiler of what colour the polish is. It is a copper shade with some holographic. So many effects just in one polish ♥ . How I will be doing with them, you will see in the next article 🙂 .

Gel base coat and top coat set you can find here

Magnetic gel number 3 you can find here

Geometry + animals = must have for me 😀 . This plate just catches my eye. The most probably the unicorn (how else) and then a tucan. You must admit it is very beautiful plate 🙂 . It will be useful for some easy decent nail designs.

This plate you can find here

The last thing from the package is this linear plate. I totally love this style and it will be cool for reversed stamping method. On this plate I love the little bee, you can find in the middle. But of course, I like the rest of flowers and insects too.

This plate you can find here


I am really looking forward to doing new designs with this products 🙂 . Do you have some of them already at home?


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