A mysterious night

A mysterious night

In collaboration with the e-shop rajenehtu.cz, I chose two great things that I would like to show you in this article. This is Zoya polish and magical water stickers. Why are they so magical? Come to see in the article 😉

I’d like to introduce you to this lovely piece, Zoy Waverly, get acquainted. This sand polish is from the Pixie Dust collection and you’ll be enchanted from its royal blue colour, sandy texture and matte effect. It’s not just a sandy polish, it’s also glitter. The glitter can be seen in the bottle very well, but they cannot be seen on your nails. This polish is really a holder, you can get it very badly from your nails thanks to the texture and you do not get it easily down, even if you use a peel off base coat. So, it is great for those who want their nails to have one colour for more than four days (and I do not belong among them).

To admit my true colour when, I tried it for the first time on my nails, I was disappointed with it. After the second attempt, I found out why. For the first time, I put a top coat on it, which destroyed it all. A photo of what this top coat polish looks like can be found below. In this case, the less is more.

I wanted to play a bit, and because there were also star-shaped water stickers in the package, I immediately went to nails with them. For some water stickers, I noticed that you need to cut them out carefully because otherwise, the excess film will stay on it and it looks bad. But these water stickers are not an example. You will get only what you want on your nails. I worked very nicely with them, and no single star went down the drain. The stars are very thin and beautifully shaped according to your nails, which is great and so all the water stickers should be made.

These stars will reveal their true face when you turn off the lights. They are shining! I like the shining nails very much, because over the day they look ordinary, but they change their shape at night. These stars are really beautiful, on the right photo you can see what they look like in the dark (I just edited the contrast a little, etc. so you can see where I have my hand at all) and to the left you can see only stars and this picture is not edited at all. It reminds me of those stars we had stuck on the ceiling and the walls in our children’s rooms.

You can see how the top coat ruined everything. Horror and terror!

This design was again inspired by the night sky. I must say that I like these nails the most. If you would like to see or buy these items from rajnehtu.cz, I attach the links for these products

1. Zoya Pixie Dust Waverly, around $11, link

2. Shining stars, around $1, link

Thank you so much to the e-shop for providing these things. You can write a comment about what kind of experience you have with this e-shop and what is your favourite product from them and definitely let me know if you like my creation. Thank you 🙂



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