Magnetic gel polishes from

Magnetic gel polishes from

Charming magnetic gel lacquers in action. You have not heard of them yet? So, it’s the right time! As part of our collaboration with, we have decided to try and show you what they can do. Each of us has chosen a different shade from this magnetic collection so you can let us know in the comments which you liked more :). Now let’s get into polishing!


Shade n. 5 has a beautiful dark red colour that would be amazing in itself. For a closer look, you can also see the fine holographic glitter for which this polish gets from me plus. If you do think the consistency of the gel polish is not important, you are wrong. There is nothing worse than when a gel polish sticks to a brush or a bottle like a gum or when it is liquid as water. This polish is fortunately a golden mean, so you will never get any nasty or ugly bumps. This was my first experience with a magnetic gel polish, so I did not know what much to expect, but I was guided by common sense. With these nails, I proceeded as follows, adjusted my nails as always, applied a base coat (in my case, a peel off base coat from UNT) and started to polish with the magnetic polish. They say on their website that it should cover in one layer and I can fully agree with them. There was no imperfect place anywhere, coverage was really 100%. When I had all nails polished, I forgot to use a magnet. I own the one in the shape of a small rectangle and I can definitely recommend it to you. It took about 30 seconds to hold the magnet over the nails to create a lighter, orange line. I have strengthened this creation with my UV LED lamp so it would not disappear.

I like this effect very much, and the other thing that has enchanted me is the bottle. It has a dull white cover and a cute little cat drawing. Gel polish has 10 ml, so I think it will last a lot. There have other colours in stock and I will look after them. If I used purple or blue, it could look like a galaxy. And I have such an idea, try to combine two gel coats to find out if they work like this and what the final result will look like.

This beautiful shade number 5 can be found on this link for a price of about $3.30. And it pays off 😉 . The ID of this item in their e-shop is 40188.



I chose this gorgeous copper shade number 3.  It is not only magnetic but it also has a magnetic effect! Work with this polish was really good. It has a wide brush and complete opacity you will achieve in just 2 layers. On the first layer, I didn’t use the magnet because I wanted to have some base colour underneath. In second coat I used the magnet. It was like watching a film 😀 . On the spots far from the magnet was the polish dark and close to the magnet it was light.

Here I shot a zoom for you. You can see either magnetic stripes and amazing holographic effect. I didn’t expect it will look that good. If you have a UV lamp at home, I highly recommend trying this kind of polishes. You will impress your friends and also you will enjoy the whole painting process 🙂 . You can this polish get here.

If you are using gel polishes, don’t forget there are also gel base coats and top coats. With a normal base coat, gel polishes have tended to not work! This beautiful set of gel base coat and top coat you can find here. Base coat apply classically first and cure it. It is a soak off polish so be careful to not stick anywhere  🙂 . Then polish a magnetic (or another) gel polish and let that cure. And lastly, use a gel top coat to seal it. This gel is a no wipe but it has a terrible smell. But after cure, the smell disappears, so don’t be worried 🙂 .


We are both really happy with our choices of shades 🙂 . Do you like them too? And which one you like more? If so, don’t forget to use our code MABX31 to get a 10% off on the e-shop

Lucie + Šarlota

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