First year as bloggers

First year as bloggers

On this day, November 11, 2017, our blog celebrates the first year since its foundation and we celebrate as well. We have gone a long way with it (as authors), and this is a rare day for us, we would like to share our story with you. We do not confide you unless it’s a nail review, and today we’d like to fix it. In this article, you will be able to read everything you might be interested in when it comes to setting up a blog, creating a name, design, and how it is sometimes challenging for two girls to agree on one thing and not to get in conflict. I will take it as Q&A when we ask ourselves the questions 😀


Why did you want to create a blog in the first place?

I had this idea for a long time, but I did not want to go into it myself only because I know myself and know that things will soon stop be fun. Since I got to meet Šarlota throught Instagram that year, and since we understood each other (and she was my only friend who was interested in her nails), I asked her one day if we would do a blog together. We were discussing it for about a week, Šarlota always said she would not have time to graduate and to enjoy it. Then someday something happened that started it all. It looked as follows:

English transcription:

what about the blog?
I dunno
why don’t we just try it? for fun 😀
yay 😀
what will be the name? 😀



Do you feel that Šarlota’s enthusiasm? 😀


Why did you choose this name?

On the same day that Šarlota agreed to create a blog, we began to create a name. We knew in advance that we would want to write a blog in both English and Czech, so the English name was not a taboo. Our request for a name was 1. Rather English than Czech, 2. It can’t insult anyone, 3. It has to describe us, 4. Short, catchy, memorable. So, a huge brainstorming started, and since it was too late in the evening, our ideas were not afraid of anything. Just for the sake of interest, I will write a few ideas and the reasons why we dismissed them.

Anything with holosexual – reason: We would be “wannabe Cristine”.

Dontdrinkaceton and our motto “Please don’t drink the polish, we don’t have money for lawyers” – reason: It has the message but…

Nailmedics/Nailambulence – reason: Everyone would ask us what should they do if they chop off their finger.

Rest in polish – reason: The abbreviation RIP, it is morbid and “Polish” also refers to anything from.


And it was the same with us as when we were shooting a million times the same photos. The first photos are the best. The first three ideas that Šarlota had: “Nail art lovers”, “Nails from Czech ” and “Czech nails “. Since the “Nail art lovers” was already taken, “Czech nails” sounds like sneezing and after that “nails”, we decided for “Nails from Czech”.


You created the blog on 11/11/2016, does it have any meaning for you?

Not really. The important thing is that both of us can memorize the date, and we can look out of the window for every anniversary if there is a snow outside. Because St. Martin is on a white horse today.


What CMS do you use for your blog?

We started on Blogger, because it was the easiest one to understand. It was in Czech and it was easy. And that simplicity was the reason why we left him. Whenever we needed to set up something more complicated on Blogger, it really made us a lot of effort. That’s why we switched to WordPress. This system is a bit more complicated, but you can set up anything you want during the blink of an eye.


Who created your design?

We ourselves. Šarlota went to Art School in graphic design, so creating different drawings was no problem for her. You can see our first design on the featured image. Still, I like the background with polish bottles, and Šarlota even has it stuck to a pack of cosmetic paddles. Our little portraits are also adorable. But in July this year, the design ceased to be fun and we wanted to move higher. Moving onto WordPress has also helped to make us feel like this now, with this design. Both the first and the current design were in creation over a month, from the initial idea to the realization.


Is it hard to talk together? Were you ever in a conflict?

Sometimes it is really hard for us to arrange, for example, the appearance of the blog, because each has a slightly different taste. I do not like conflict and I’m trying to avoid it, and Šarlota is by nature a non-conflict type, so we really did not think we’d fight in the blood. I just remember that we did not have a day’s fun because Šarlota told me that my fingers were crooked. Planning of publishing articles is in our shared Excel spreadsheet, so we do not even wonder who will what publish when.


Who’s the boss here?

Definitely me (Lucka) 😀 I’m watching comments and emails, trying to organize articles, looking after our Instagram @nailsfromczech (if you’re not watching us, go fix that!) and overall to make it happen. Sometimes I force Šarlota to write articles, but she has her head, so it’s difficult. She once told me that I was the type of person who bothers you all day that you’d rather do it just to be calm. It is true, and therefore Šarlota continues to write articles 😀 To make it sound that not all lies on me, we make all the decisions together. Every e-mail that we send, we both agree on before sending. I think it’s a great way, at least it will not happen that one does not know what the other is doing. At least we do not get into our posts on our personal Instagames (@howtofailyournails and @vinklarovanails).


What did your blog give you and what did it take from you?

It gave us more of the blog than it took. It gave us the opportunity to awaken the creative spirit in us, to get to know great people and to make new friendships. The blog also gave us the opportunity to get to know new brands and to collaborate with some, which we really did not expect, and we are very grateful for that. Thanks to the blog, both of us have learned to make more compromises, better communicate with each other and do not act hurriedly. The blog took us a lot of free time, and sometimes it crawled on our brains and nerves, but I think it was worth it.


Do you see any progress?

Definitely! Whether it’s about improving our polishing skills, improving photo quality, or finding our own style of writing. Just for the kicks-and-giggles, you can look at our very first article, link is here. It’s Šarlota’s favourite. She’d rather burn it and bury it in her garden. I hope that you too will recognize that we have improved 🙂


Thank you schizophrenic Lucka for self-interview 😀 . I would add a few more words to it. I have nothing but to agree with her because everything she wrote is true. I’m not as active as she is. It’s not just because of school but also because of the fact that I enjoy the process of polishing and subsequent photography rather than writing articles. We also have difficulty in translating each article into English, which adds up to tens of extra minutes for longer articles. I think that if we write only in Czech I will write much more often. But having a blog in two languages ​​has its benefits, and it is several times better than Google Translate.

As for the very foundation of the blog, I was not excited. In the past, I’ve tried to run a blog twice, and it has always been the same. From the beginning, just fun, publishing poor quality articles, and finally letting blogging fallow. But Lucka kept pressing on me, and so I finally agreed. Well, that was the first month to unleash the unreal rush and we were shuffling. I created the design, Lucka successfully dismissed it, and in the end, we did create the first (with hindsight awful) design you had seen at the beginning of the article.

Now I see our blog as a great deal of work done and the opportunity to share our experience with you or, on the contrary, to ask you for advice. I admit that, in the end, I’m really glad that I let Lucka convince me 🙂 . It’s amazingly cool to read your encouraging and nice comments.

So, thank you for your favour and we hope you will stay with us. In return, we will strive to continually improve and enhance the quality of the blog.

Lucie + Šarlota

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