5 tips for Christmas gifts for nail lovers

5 tips for Christmas gifts for nail lovers

Christmas is almost here. Streets and squares are decorated with Christmas decorations and lights and shops overflow with goods. People are crazy about cleaning their houses and about gifts. We will help you with one of these problems. If you have a friend who loves nails and you do not know what to put under her Christmas tree, you’re right here. You could give her nail polish, but if she owns a lot of polishes, then it’s probably hard find some that she doesn’t already have. That’s why in this article you’ll find 5 tips what to buy. There are mostly gadgets that she probably won’t own, and which will surely delight her and not so much wrinkle your wallet.



Toenail clippers are a perfect helper because they can cut the agnails accurately and you will not leave a piece of skin that could start forming in a new agnail. These clippers are strong enough to cut the nail, so if you happen to have an accident and break your fingernail badly, you just cut it with these clippers. At the same time, if you will cut your nails with them, you can also try your feet 🙂 . You will then have them beautifully straight, not rounded like the classic pliers. It is best to cut nails after leaving the shower. Those cheaper can be found for a few dimes, but there are more expensive pieces on the market. The bottom line is to get a job done with searching.



This mat will definitely pay off if you are a butterfingers like the two of us. It is slightly larger than A4 and is made of silicone. On the internet (we recommend AliExpress) you can choose what style you would like. You can have only one color or as shown on the illustration, there are those on which different shapes of nails, grids or wheels are printed. So, you can try your design first. What’s great is that you can make reverse stamping on it. Push anywhere on the pattern, then paint it and apply it with a transparent polish. Then just wait until it dries up and you can peel off the pattern like a sticker. And the main thing is that your table stays beautifully clean! As for prices, it is around $4.5 to $9.



If your friend is a big nail lover, it’s possible that she could already have a stamper. It is possible, however, that she has only some common and simple… Just what does its function, but nothing more. But did you know that there are stampers that are made in the shape of a pet, for example? Or different stampers with beautiful print or colored / glittering silicone head? The disadvantage is that they are not transparent (at least we have not found any), but if you print a large pattern that is over the whole nail, you do not need to see where exactly you put it. Perfect for printing such designs are marshmallow stampers. They are big, soft and good. You can find such stylish stampers on the Internet, where prices range from $2.5 to $4.5.



I bet you have not heard of this yet! Do you always scare at stamping that when you clean a plate from just printed pattern, will you destroy your beautiful creation? You do not have to worry about this anymore. It’s actually a pen, but it does not have a writing tip at its end, but four paws that open when the top button is pressed. Between the paws, hold the cotton wool or pad and release the knob. That’s how the paws will grip and grab the waist for you. So, you can clean the plate in peace and without stress. That’s cool, isn’t it? 😀 You can get this magic pen for around $2.5 and we guarantee that the gifted person will be really happy :). Our tip for the brand is Born Pretty Store.



Our last tip for gift is liquid latex. True, the gift is somewhat stinking, but it can do a lot :D. Do you like ombré on your nails? Or water marble? And what about stamping. With a liquid latex, you will only clean the straight line around the nail polish. It creates a barrier between your skin and polish, so you will not have to worry about the madly long cleaning of the nail surroundings. It also prevents your skin from staining if you are working with dark shades. And if you were accidentally allergic to latex, there are such adhesive labels that do not contain latex and do as good work as the latex mentioned. You can search for these tapes under “nail tape latex free”. But its disadvantage is that they are more expensive and they are just for one use.


That would be all for this article, we hope you’ve got enough inspiration for Christmas. If you still want some tips for Christmas gifts, do not be afraid to write us in the comments, we will definitely advise you 🙂

(Drawings are made by Šarlota, so please don’t share them around. Thanks.)



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