Swatch: Zoya – Merida + tropical design

Swatch: Zoya – Merida + tropical design

Hello, today I would love to show you this stunning nail polish by Zoya, which I got from e-shop . As I said in the previous article, since today, I didn’t have any experience with this brand. But I am glad I have them now because they are positive only! 🙂 The application of the polish was really good. It has a wider brush and the polish formula is just fine. I polished in two coats, although the one coat would be ok too. I am just used to do two layers for my good feeling 😀 .

When you look on the brush, you can see a little holographic effect. The same effect you can see on the last photo of the collage. Unfortunately, the holo disappears once you polished it on. But in this case, I donť mind it. In the moment, you will see the Zoya – Merida is beautiful even when it is not a holographic polish. On the e-shop, you can find it here.

And now you can relax and fell this awesome colour… With this polish, I realized, how the green colour suits me 😀 . Of course, it could be just this shade of green but I was really impressed. And do you know, how you can find out if I really like the colour I am wearing? When I wore it on all my fingers and just by itself. And believe me, this is not a common.

So, for a few days, I really wore this polish just on its own. But then I got a brilliant idea. This colour just reminds me of tropical forests and I decided to combine this beautiful colour with the MoYou Tropical 29 plate, also from e-shop . The plate is full of little and big leaves ornamentů, flowers and you can even find the tucan and parrot here! It is just so fun and I love it 😀 . In this design I was experimenting and (almost) every nail I stamped with something else.

And I think, it came out pretty good! 🙂 . Well, it is a pity I have only 10 fingers, and I couldňt use all the patterns… This much I like the plate… If you also love it, you can get it here.

And how do you like the Merida polish?


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