Suit your nails for autumn 1/2

Suit your nails for autumn 1/2

We haven’t even enjoyed the summer yet and now autumn is here. And as nail girls, we have to welcome the autumn properly. Maybe you are thinking why there are tree hands when we are just two girls here on the blog. This article is a collab with Verča from blog thebestsunriseofmylife. In the end of our article, you will find a link to her autumn nail design and she will tell you more about it 🙂 . And now let’s see our creations.

Šarlota’s motive

I made for you this magical fox inspired nails. You probably know, how much I love geometric animals, so I wanted to have some in this manicure. Also, I wanted to practise my freehand because I am still quite bad at this. But when I did the foxes I made a little exception because if I would try to freehand them, it won’t be looking like this at the end 😀 . First, I draw one fox on the paper and make a stencil from it. Then I took a clear foil and make the black contours with polish on the foil. Then I coloured them in and made my own fox stickers.

But because I really wanted to practise the freehand I tortured myself with the linear “french manicure” – I don’t know how to call it but I think it is the closest to the French. And this lines I did really fair on my nails with the brush – that is why it looks how it looks 😀 . I was hardly trying and it took me about an hour because I had to go back with the brown and repair what I really messed up. I still have to practise but I think I improve my skills a bit. And also, my hand shaking is not so strong.

And for the harmonize all of my nails I used tiny orange 3D round studs. I was really happy they had the same shade as the nail polish I painted the fox with. Its name is China Glaze – Stoked to be soaked. Beautiful pumpkin orange colour which I got in the sale on

Lucy’s motive

I will be the black sheep of this collaboration, first because I used the darkest grey polish and also because I was the only one to draw a pet. Base coat from brand Trend it up from the collection Double volume&shine with the number 81 appears in the bottles a lot lighter, but on nails, it is dark with blue undertones. I would not really dare to draw the owls, but since there was beautiful water sticker with them in my drawer, I used them. I love owls, I have them almost on everything, so I decided to have them on my nails. To make the design even a little more interesting, I created little dots with a dotting tool with polish Catrice Travelling story C02 Sky line. Overall, my nails are cold, because the autumn does not have to be always warm.

In this article we showed you our two designs, but definitely do not forget to have a look at the third one you will find on the Verča’s blog. The direct link to her article is here. What kind of animal do you like the most? Fox, deer or owl? And tell me down in the comments, which animal is your symbol of autumn.



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