Suit your nails for autumn 2/2

Suit your nails for autumn 2/2

Welcome to continuing our autumn collaboration with Verča from blog, if you have not seen the first part, you can have a look on it here. This time we used the classic autumn leaves and Verča created a very nice pattern of “fishtail”. Come and see what we needed for these creations so you could create them yourself at home.

Lucy’s motive

My creation is both colorful and dark. I think I have captured exactly the atmosphere of autumn, sometimes it is grim and dark, which represents a brown base coat (Essence 45 yummiii!) with faded green leaves (a mixture of green and yellow polish). This pattern is from the BP-L079 plate and as the name suggests, I have it from Born Pretty. The polishes I stamped with are not stamping polishes, so I was quite surprised how well they came out on a brown background. Autumn may not always be sad and depressing, but remember the beautiful warm days when the weather is just for a short sleeve shirt, a gentle breeze swells, and the sun highlights all the colors that are full of nature. That’s exactly what I wanted to do on my fingernails with a colorful little mixture on my little finger, a middle finger and a thumb that is absolutely easy to create. Simply pour the selected polish onto the stamp and then tap the nail with a stamper. I like these nails more after some time. And what about you?

Šarlota’s motive

I need to say I was so surprised, we chose with Lucy the same polish as the base colour without any previous communication 😀 . As she said, it is Essence 45 yummiii! But I think, you can see it better on my nails. Without the matte top coat, it would be really warm chocolate brown with a little shimmer. This time, I did not complicate the design at all. It is just about stamping. I also used Born Pretty stamping plate but with code Floral BPX-L018.

Besides the brown Essence polish, my second base colour was golden OPI 50 years of style. This polish I also used for stamping over the brown. It is not supposed to be a stamping polish but as you can see, it has a good pigmentation. And it is a paradox it is more pigmented than Essence yummiii over the gold 😀 . The whole design I finished up with golden stripping tape and stud over 2 nails. This look is very decent and elegant. You can also wear it without the matte finish, but I think just with a matt topcoat it has this spirit of autumn.


Don’t forget to look also on Verča’s blog and read about her colourful motive 🙂 See you again in the next article.

Lucie + Šarlota

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