Products out of heaven

Products out of heaven

Welcome to our new article! You may have noticed on our Instagrams, maybe not, but we have recently started working with e-shop We are absolutely grateful for this opportunity, as this e-shop is the only one on the Czech market to offer the brand MoYou, which you must have heard if you are at least a bit moving in the nails world. Also on their website you can find polishes from Zoya, Models Own or OPI. If you do not know this store, visit the website and maybe you will find something interesting like us.

Each of us could choose the products that were most interesting in and the packages reached us at an overwhelming speed. The first thing we would like to mention is the overall packaging of the products and the smaller gifts we have received. As you can see in the picture, gifts include a solid bag, a pencil and a catalog. There is nothing to explain about the first two items, they will always come in handy :D. As far as the catalog is concerned, we both were looking for what we would still “need” :D.

So now, to the contents of the Šarlota’s package. There was one Zoya polish and MoYou stamp plates and one stamping kit from the same brand.

Here you can see all the plates in all their beauty. You can see that on all of them, there are animal motives, I’m just like that … 😀 And what I have to show you is that the backs are not pure white as you would expect. They are having the same picture as the case they came in and I really like it! The depicted ladies there are depending on which collection the given plate is. If you fall in love with one of the plates like me, here are the links where you can get them 🙂 (Do not be afraid, there will be only two links. I will get to the plate with flamingos in a moment).

MoYou Animal 5 – here

MoYou Tropical 29 – here

Zoya – Merida. Amazing emerald (holographic!) green. Really a love at first glance. I tried to capture it, but without the sun in the box it was difficult. That’s why the last photo is blurred so you can get a little bit of a rainbow too. I have this brand for the first time and that’s why I am really curious about how I will work with the polish. The polish is a classical 15 ml.

You can find it here

As I promised, there is a flamingo plate here. And why did I earmark it like that? It was part of a stamping kit that contained a stamping pad, a scraper, and a stamp outside the plates. The polish is light pink, so it fits perfectly with flamingos – shade Sweet Lips. What I really liked was the resolving of the stamp cover. As you can see in the photos, it arrived on its own, absolutely adorable cloth bag. The stamp itself is not extra large, but it’s just for MoYou pattern plates. It’s a bit sticky and I put it in the category of marshmallow stamps.

MoYou Tropical starter kit – here

That would be all of Šarlota’s package and now let’s go to Lucka’s.

As you can see, I do not have a picture of a wrapped pack because I just saw it, I started jumping around and squeak with the joy of being a little baby on Christmas and completely forgetting to take pictures. You will have to settle with this whole photo. The bag really surprised me, but I have to admit that it is strong enough and it will definitely come in handy! But I still cannot decide whether to wear it for going to shops or elsewhere. I think if I took it to a cosmetics trade fair or to a trip with Šarlota to the drugstore, one would not be enough 😀 . Pencil is always pleased, because there is no one who is not losing it. And at least, at first glance, people will know that I am into nail art. And, just like Šarlota said about the catalog, I also was looking in it.

The content of my package is already unpacked and in all its beauty. Like Šarlota, I chose the MoYou stamping kit and then some Christmas watersticker (I’m the only person in the world who does not mind Christmas items in stores already in October?), Halloween stickers and shining stars in the dark. I was also very attracted to the Zoy from the Pixie Dust Collection in shade Weverly. The little cup you’ve seen on the previous photo is a powder, but what powder, I’ll let you guess that and find the right answer in the next article 😉

I want to write a little about this stamp startup kit. I have this kit from the Arabesque collection and every collection has a different face. This one has a dark-haired girl, which I think is quite chic. As the most amazing thing I find a sack for a stamp and a squeegee. That’s why I forgive them that the stamp does not have a cap. Because it is very soft and sticky, it will stick to dust and everything within two meters. The stamp polish arrived in shade White Knight with a volume of 9 ml. The main thing is a plate in the package, but perhaps some who have been watching me for a long time understand why I mention it last. Somehow, I did not estimate the size of the patterns for stamping, and it is simply small for me. I was madly sorry, but I’m probably going to make some of my nail buddies happy. I just have obese nails 🙁 .

A little closer photo of waterstickers and nail stickers. The two are absolutely cool for the holidays, and the third, with the stars, I was fascinated by them shining in the dark. It reminds me of the stars I had in my baby room all over the walls. Raise your hands who had them as well 😀

Again the blue polish. I know. But I could not really withstand this one. It is really breathtaking and I hope it will not lose the oomph when I will polish my nails with it. And until now, I haven’t realized that it was perfectly fitting to my clothes. I cannot wait to get it out. On the collage you can see how the polish looks on different lights, the first two are in the daylight and the one on the right is in the light box. What do you say?

I am adding the links for you if you found something interesting:

  1. Stamping kit Arabesque
  2. Zoya Pixie dust Waverly
  3. Christmas waterstickers
  4. Halloween stickers
  5. Shining stars

For this article, it’s all we wanted to show you, and there was quite a lot of it. Again, thanks to the e-shop for providing these products for our review. We look forward to seeing you in the next article.


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