Lucy’s package from part V.

Lucy’s package from part V.

Finally, after four long months, I can show you the contents of my package from the e-shop. This is a collaboration with this e-shop and this package is the fifth in the series. I really appreciate this collaboration because, as one of the few companies, it is still changing its range of products and inventing tweaks that will make polishing easier for you. The content of this package is primarily nail polishes but also one powder. What powder? Come and dive deeper into this article…

First, I want to show you the two polishes that have won my heart. These polishes can only be purchased together. It is a sparkling polish in violet-green colour and the same colour combination of glitter. I look forward to it being on my fingernails, but they are quite promising. And most of all I hope it will not need four layers! This set was $8, but now you can find it in a discount for five. You can find this colour combination on this link and if you like this effect, you can also look at others.

A polish with miniature holographic glitter. So, this is disappointing at first glance. When you look at this link and look closer to the photos, you will see the difference. I was waiting for a much nicer colour and the holographic glitter has been lost somewhere in the shipment. If I were a veritable copywriter who writes for Born Pretty Store descriptions, I would write it as follows: “A strange blue polish with an indeterminate green to a vile green shimmer”. All I hope is that this polish is deceiving at first glance and that I get captivated on my fingernails, but it is not much for $3.5. PS: It should be shade 51.

One of the last things is a magnetic gel polish, the so-called cat’s eye, in red. You can look at it here, I have shade 5. I expect this polish to be a 99.99% success. I’ve tried it on paper and the colour is beautiful. Another thing is a nail powder called “Chameleon Neon Unicorn Mirror Powder Nail Mermaid Chrome Pigment Powder”. I call it a fake or cheaper Aurora. On this link you can see its various variations, I chose number 2, with warmer reflections. Its prize is around $2.5 at this e-shop, and that’s what to say when it costs over $9 on Czech e-shops. Would you like some comparison of these Aurora powders? Let me know in the comments.


That was all that was in the fifth package, but it made me very happy and I cannot wait to try it out. In comments, you can tell me your views on these products, whether you like it, whether you have already had the opportunity to try them or you consider them to be useless. Thanks, and look forward to another article that comes out very soon 🙂



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