Interbeauty Prague Expo – Autumn 2017

Interbeauty Prague Expo – Autumn 2017

It was time and time again to pack our jackets and go to the Interbeauty trade expo held in Prague. The Autumn Expo took place on October 20-21 at the exhibition centre in Holešovice and since we are two lucky girls, we have received tickets from the e-shop with which we collaborate. We thank them a lot for that.

If you live somewhere else than in Prague, you must have, like me (Lucka), have to deal with transport. I can definitely recommend to you after the experience of this expo (even if you have to get up at four in the morning) to arrive best for opening. It happened to us that we had been there already a few minutes after 9 o’clock. My tiredness to get up at four in the morning was a feeling of bliss after seeing the empty NYX stand. Since I did not want to get away with the crowd last time, I missed this stand, but this time there was no reason to omit it. Enough free and personal space, and a loving and unforgiving lady salesman. Another advantage of an earlier come-in is that it cannot happen to you that any of your wanted items would be sold out.

We planned to spend about two to three hours at the expo, go for a walk, stop at stalls of brands that we do not know and thoroughly inspect. Thanks to this expo, we have learned about so many things we absolutely need (though not at all) and about how many things we have no idea. For dozens of minutes, we chose the best product right for us, the most beautiful colour, the most interesting shade, the most exciting cream… And do you know what happened? We were there for five hours. No, seriously, we’re not kidding.

From all sides of Instagram, we heard everyone lamenting that it was a misery, that it goes downhill and to not go next year. That there are no brands like OPI, MoYou or Zoya. We also missed these brands, but we did not go there with a direct goal of buying, for example, the most OPI polishes in the discount and leaving. We had no expectations, and we did not go too far for the exhibitors. Maybe this is only our second visit to Interbeauty and we have nothing to compare. Some also complained that there were no discounts at all. For example, when I looked at Havlik’s natural pharmacy, really did not notice any discounts. I think I can talk to both of us when I say that we liked the fancy e-shop stall. Every hour they had discounts on some another brand, so everyone who waited was given a discount.

I would like to devote another paragraph to something that really upset us and what we have to criticize. Does the modelaznehtu e-shop really mean it seriously with the China Glaze shelf? Just like the last expo, they had a few polishes for sale. I have them at home more in the box than they are in the shelf! Not that they should be so drained. There they actually had a small pile and a little bigger pile of those worth $18 per bottle. I do not understand the logic of crazy selling, and one polish costs $0.9, and they do not bring anything here. And what about the Nubar brand? Nowhere! Will anyone please explain to us? Compared with the other racks, the one with China glaze seemed really empty.

Just not to bore you and show you something, you can look at the pictures of the stands of different brands. I originally planned to make a video, but you know what, with three full bags of things, it is not easy to shoot 😀 . What we definitely see at some stalls as a plus is that they have somewhere big written, what discounts they have and how big the discounts are. Because it does not matter how much you spend, but how much you save. I have to mention the modelaznehtu e-shop stand when they have leased huge space with many shelves with goods and you can move freely there. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to guess if the rack is still under the same e-shop and if you happen to be paying in other stall, but at least you do not crawl in a tiny room with dozens of other women, or you do not have to wait until you get a lot of “rack sale”.

If you have not had the chance to look at the expo and want some idea, you can look at the picture above. It is photographed from the second floor where there is a small restaurant and sitting tables. You will make at least a nice idea of ​​where the stands are and how big they are. Here on this picture is (fortunately) not everything, this building has two more halls. The main building is dedicated to make-up, skin care and hairdressing, and the other room is made for us, one nail stand next to the other. There is a huge stage in the third hall, where various lectures are held. Unfortunately, we did not have time for it, otherwise we would be there for ten hours instead of five.

Let’s go to the most important and most interesting thing for you, what we bought 😀 . Let’s start with a stand by the stand. (To specify who writes, we will write before the paragraphs the initials of our names)


L: Of course, we had to stop at the NaniNails booth and see their news. We have been very attracted by the Aquarelle polishes that can create beautiful shapes almost alone. We have also explored new stamps, which are surprisingly small for my nails. Finally, I bought the holographic watermarks that Šarlota had already tried and you could see the result in this post on Instagram. Then there came another sticker, one holographic and one silver.

Š: The polish remover was on my “what to buy” list as a first item. I already have one litre polish remover at home, or rather, I had it. I bought it at Tasha and it was without acetone. It’s costly for fools like us two, much cheaper. But I was saying that why buy without acetone when the gel polishes are just going to get away with just an acetone refiner. So, if you also polish your nails as much as we do, I definitely recommend! I think this might last me a year 🙂 .


L: In Tasha, we have bought such necessities as nail files, sticks or tweezers. The tweezers are very good for me, because my old ones (which I use only for my nails) are hardly visible under the deposits of everything. Then we saw a huge bag of cotton pads of 550 pieces. It is not even possible in a dream to use this amount at any reasonable time, so at the end of the day we recalled the pillows and divided equitably 😀 . We did not shoot them for you.

L: You can find Eveline cosmetic in Rossmann pharmacy, but since I was already at Interbeauty, this quick-drying polish has fallen into my basket. Have you tried it already?


L: I did not even want to go to Indigo booth, but when I saw Míša (Misulina_) taking six containers of powders and Šarlota choosing among others, I let myself be convinced. I thought one powder was about $9 (the same price as other stalls with nail powders), so I was absolutely surprised to find that one was around $2. Finally, after a long selection, I and Šarlota finished on the number of two powders. One is from the Pixel Effect collection with the number 1 and the name is Kopciuszek and the other one is Syrenka 1.


L: I do not even remember what MK Nails booth looked like, since I was blinded by the glow of powders. And not just any, holographic. It’s not possible to see it on the photo exactly, but the three powders from the left are holographic. And that’s enough. The first powder not only looks absolutely breath-taking but is also magnetic. I cannot wait to try it out. And because I have very similar taste as Šarlota, she took the pink and green powder for herself. Actually, our purchase from Interbeauty did not differ much in any way. From the left to the right are the following shades: Holographic laser gold, Butterfly Light Rose, Holographic Laser Turquioise and Chameleon cat eye Eris nr. 8030.

Š: Lucka has already beautifully shot of the glitter, which we are just prone to both… whatever 😀 . And she also confirmed the fact that our purchase did not differ much. Just a few things and a price of course. What I’m going to be different now is this divine plate. I wanted to choose it as a collaboration with, but they did not have it in stock. And to my apprehension, they pulled it off from their e-shop completely. That’s why I was jumping 3 meters high when I found it at the MK Nails booth. Although it was overpriced ($5), but… I just had to have it 🙂 .


L: Another direct proof that it is not bad luck but the luck that we live with Šarlota so far apart. We entered the stall of, as we call it the “second hand”. Compared to the other stalls, where everything is carefully stacked, polished, and the covers gleam, until it could be almost seen also from the aircraft, this stand was somewhat gloomier. A huge number of polishes and various unnecessary things fed into huge baskets or boxes. I would definitely advise you not to underestimate such booths and at least to “loot” once. So, we went around a little sadly, and I said, “Golden Rose now has some holographic polishes, so watch if you can see them by chance.” It was like a spell, at that moment we raised the basket under which was a collection of holographic polishes from Golden Rose. And they had all shades! And at an event when one costs $2.7 and four $9 begins our negotiation.

“You’ll get two, and I two, okay?” asked Šarlota.

“Well, wait, I like this one too,” I replied.

“You’re terrible, and what am I doing now? Lucka, you’re terrible, forced me to buy all four!”

So we both finished with four polishes from GR. But the colours are really beautiful, I would compare them to the Color Club. I chose the shades 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Š: So, thanks to the Lucka’s sabotage, I had to have 2 polishes in the basket. I will not pay $5.5 for two polishes, when for $9 I can have fours. My shades are: 1,2,3,4. Nice choosing, huh? 😀 . I tested the polishes on the stencils and they are very similar to the Color Club polishes. Only with the difference that they are not so colourful, and you have to apply at least 2 layers, if not 3.


L: Among the last stalls we visited was the Bomb Cosmetic. You certainly could not miss it because it was right at the entrance and it lured you in with colours and scents. They had Christmas bombs and Advent calendars, which made me happy as a Christmas lover. After a lengthy pick, I bought a Wild Rose and a Gingerbread Tree. I’ve even considered the waxes, do you have any experience with them? Let me know.


Š: The range of goods from  did not really appeal to me again, like last year, I took only a few waterstickers. I liked these watestickers very much because they reminded me of the stained glass in Sagrada la Familia in Spain, which I had the chance to see this summer.

L: I love Christmas and the stickers you see on the right I had to have. A complete Christmas kitsch, it looks like wrapping paper and who knows what else. It does not matter to me, I like it. And it’s big enough for my nails too.


L: Between 12 and 13 pm there was a 20% discount on Footlogix. We have never really explored it, and a photo of a nasty nails has brought attention in their leaflet. So, we went to ask, consult and finally we had to take something. I have DD cream mousse formula 1. Foam should hydrate and regenerate your feet. I’m just looking at a regular price that is $20 and I’m excited to have paid only half of that. I’m already trying on the foam for several days and it’s absolutely great, it has a super soft foam and it is being absorbed really quickly (after half a minute I can get my socks and go).

Š: I bought Anti-fungal toe tincture spray. After a little meeting with a vendor, I learned that my toes have a mildew 🙁 . But I do not have any typical symptoms, so I did not solve it in any particular way I was just wondering why my nails are constantly shaking my fingers and the skin is peeling off. I immediately called the spray for the help and I use it regularly twice a day, and I’m very curious about the result and I hope to get rid of the mildew soon enough to get my feet back 🙂 .


Overall, the expo is very positive. Compared with the last time we bought almost nothing, we were really excited now. We hope that our further experience with Interbeauty expo will be positive and that we will not soon blame them 😀 . Once again, thanks to the e-shop, for the freebies at the event 🙂 . And what about you? Have you also been at the expo? If so, what goods did you buy?

Lucie + Šarlota

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