Holographic miracles from BornPrettystore.com

Holographic miracles from BornPrettystore.com

Hello, hello! In this case, rather holo, holo. Otherwise, welcome to my next swatch and a slightly review article. Finally, I got to try out all the colours of holographic polishes from the Born Pretty Store. This time I did not get them as a collaboration but bought it for my own, simply because I liked them. I chose five, the most beautiful shades and tried them. Come read on if you want to know if they’re really holographic and if they are worth it.

The first shot is the biggest thing. Dark red holographic polish. It has been my dream for several months and I finally have it. It looks perfect on my fingernails and dances in the sun. Whenever I wear a holographic polish and I go from the shadow to the sun, that effect creates a smile on my face. This red is a shade number 25, it covers in two layers, it did not curl anywhere, the removing of it was pretty easy… I have nothing to say. Its holographic effect might be rated as about 3/5.

Like the right pink princess (haha), I also ordered a pink polish. On my fingertips, it looks better than in my expectations and slightly reminds me of Catherine Arley 666 polish. The number of this lovely polish is 23 and all these polishes cost about $3.5. Its power of holographic effect would be around 2.75/5.

Orange polish with the number 5 is not just for everyone. Anyone who claims that the orange colour belongs on the vests of the workers would do something very bad. All polishes have a volume of 6 ml, which is quite small compared to the average, but only two layers are enough. Its holographic effect would be about 2/5.

I do not know why all the glittering green polishes in me evoke Christmas. The same thing has this polish with the number 12. The polishing was beautiful and it wonderfully shines. These polishes make an effect that I would describe as a crossline linear and a glitter holo. They are not similar to Color Club polishes or Essence polishes from the Holo rainbow collection. These are just better and more holographic polishes from Catherine Arley. This was a great surprise to me and I would rate its holographic effect 4.5/5.

Blue is good. I understand it, before I did not want any blue polish and now most of my polishes are blue. Number 6 is a dark blue colour that creates an effect on the nails as if they were gel. I’ve noticed this effect only on this polish. Holographic is enough, I would say that 4/5.



+ price ($3.5)

+ they are really holographic

+ colour selection

– small package

– some are more holographic, some are less


These polishes have pleased me and are probably the most affordable linear holo polishes. If you have a hint of some shade from this brand, write to me in the comments and if you have a favourite other brand that produces linear holo at an affordable price, please write as well 😀 Because I am going to buy them all. Thank you for reading this article and you can look forward to the next 🙂



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