Summer delusions

Summer delusions

I still have to write an article with summer designs before the autumn starts. When I look out of the window, it seems to me that it has started long ago. I’m just the kind that wears on the nails what she wants and is not extremely bound to the summer season. It’s unthinkable for someone to wear a neon color in the winter, I do not care. Whether you belong to any type, come to enjoy these designs.

After a holiday in Bulgaria, I wanted to have roses on my nails. This time I did not want to draw them, and so I used the watercolours I recently bought from AliExpress for a few dimes. This amazing red polish is called “59 Life is pink!” from my favourite brand Essence. I drew the white curved line with acrylic paint. If you haven’t noticed, that little finger is metallic. It’s thanks to the chameleon powder that is sold on every corner. On Czech e-shops you can get it for $10 or higher and on AliExpress for $1. I used this one for plain polish and it worked great. It just needs to be overcoated with water based top coat, otherwise it loses its shine and can crack.

If you want something fast and you don’t want to wear one-colour nails, try to overcoat them with any glittering top coat. Base coat is from the OPI, named “Polly want a lacquer?” and the top coat is from the new collection Maybelline Fairy Spell. These two polishes go beautifully together, but if you don’t want to shine just like me, you can use a glittering polish on just one of your nails. I think that it looks the best on ring finger.

An attempt on nails with roses, second try. I tried to recreate this design. Somehow it did not work. If you are going to try this design, I recommend you using two colours of pink polish and one white polish to create roses. And make them smaller than I did. On my little finger you can see the same powder as on the first design.

Finally, my favourite design from this article. I’ve done it a long time ago (at least two months back), and that’s why I vaguely remember what I used as a base coat. It was definitely one of my blue chrome polishes which I subsequently improved with a holographic blue polish from Born Pretty. Soon you will see more holographic polishes from Born Pretty on our blog. I also used the plate from this brand with the number BP-L052. I certainly recommend you to have a look at this plate, it has beautiful mandalas designs.


I showed you all the four creations, I hope you like at least one of them and I will be glad if you write me what you liked to the comments section. Do not forget to subscribe to our FB page or our Instagram 🙂


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