Stamping marathon

Stamping marathon

Welcome to my next article which will be all about (as you probably read the title) stamping. I will show you a few design inspirations I made in collaboration with Mostly it will be really easy designs, so feel free to inspire and make them on your nails too if you like them. From each plate, I used at least two patterns, so enjoy 🙂 .

Plate BP-L078

From this plate, I used first three patterns from the upper left corner. Its patterns are mostly linear with natural or geometrical motives. This plate you can find here.

In this design, I used overlapped stamping. First I stamped with holographic polish by Color Club and then I add darker brown by Essence. Thumb and pinkie I decorated with holographic glitters in polish by OPI.

Again, I didn’t forget on my legs. This time it wasn’t difficult at all. As a base colour, you can see holographic black by Flormar. Middle finger and ring finger I decorated with the pattern, you can find on the plate in the first line, second order.

The last design from this plate I did on my mom’s nails. She chose the third pattern by the left in the first line. As a base colour, I used holographic polish by Color Club Angel kiss.

Plate BP-L070

The second plate is just geometrical with few optical illusions. Here I used two first patterns from the right upper line. This plate you can find here.

Here I used as a base colour the thermal polish by BP, which I showed you in more details in this article. This polish you can find here. I stamped only over my ring finger with the linear pattern and on my pinkie and point finger, I used holographic glitters in polish by Essence. The magic with the ombre will do the polish for you.

Party nails for my friend (She was a little crazy on the last picture 😀 ). As a base colour, I used white and on the top of it two neon polishes by China Glaze. On the middle finger, I did an ombre from this two neons. Over the green I stamped the black square illusion for the rest of the fingers I used cracking polis by Avon. + Bonus, on the nails I applied UV polish, so in the UV light, they should glow.

Plate Travel BP-X26

cute plate for travellers, which shouldn’t be missing in your plate collection 🙂 . I used the galaxy and plane patterns from it. This plate you can find here.

In this design, I was expecting how epic it will be but I think I would do better if I left it without stamping just blue and holo glitters 😀 . Unfortunately, the stamp over glitters was bad and the glitters stained my white stamp, so it became pink after I used the top coat -_- . So next time, I will better try it somewhere on the paper first.

Last nails will be a sea nails – I am really proud on the sea! About the stamping, I should probably stamp with the black or the darker blue. The white stamps quite wear off. The sea effect I made with the food plastic wrap. I applied light blue base and let it fully dry. Then I overlapped it with darker blue and immediately took the foil and dab on the wet nail with it. For the touch up I pour one drop of the white polish to the water and sprayed a mouth wash over it. The mouth wash creates the effect of “ripped” polish on the water surface. I chose the section I liked the most and dip in it my nail like in the water marble.


So, how do you lime my nails? And which design you like the most? Let me know in the comments 🙂 .


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