Order from modelaznehtu.cz Nubar&China Glaze

Order from modelaznehtu.cz Nubar&China Glaze

Today I want to show you all polishes that I bought in the sale on modelaznehtu.cz and tell my first impressions of them. At an e-shop such as this, the disadvantage is that on most of the product photos, you can’t the polish directly on the nails, so you have to search it for yourself. Some people do not do that and then they wonder what was delivered to them. I wrote this article to make the internet a bit fuller of these swatches and you could pick up ideas on what to buy yourself (or someone at Christmas).

Nubar Go native. $1. The polish, for which it all began. This polish was really love at first glance, and I knew it would be mine. I was attracted by its dark dull orange colour with an interesting pearl effect. I tried the Nubar polishes for the first time, I had no experience with this brand and was a little worried. The polish is the same as any other, if not a bit better. It coated beautifully in two layers, it didn’t hang around and looked perfectly on my nails. For me this will be the autumn go-to.

China Glaze Coconut kiss. $2. I have been wanting this polish every time, when I looked at their e-shop. I do not regret buying it. It has a beautiful colour and mainly looks like a gel on the nails. It seems to me that it has a slightly smoother consistency and every unevenness can be seen on the nail.

Nubar In the lime light. 9 ml, $2. Faded neon? Who ever invented it. These were my first thoughts after coating my nails with this polish. Consistency is strange, very fluid. When it is polished, the polish cannot be applied evenly across the nail, and the polish will dry almost instantly. You can also see a lot of strokes that may be lost when applying a thicker layer of top coat. I cannot recommend this polish.

Nubar Flaming purple. $1. Míša advised me to buy this polish and I thank her very much for it. I think it’s neon pink colour (some can see red or purple) and it will definitely not get lost in my drawer. I put two layers on a white background and it already glowed beautifully. If you are not used to neon shades, prepare your sunglasses, so you don’t go blind.

Nubar Jewel nail lacquer NPZ315. $1. It happens. So, I browse through e-shop and enter different polish names in Google and suddenly this monotone clicking will wake me up. It started to shine on me across the screen. It was holographic. The photo in the e-shop looked like a boring brown polish with a pearl. Put it into the basket. It looks absolutely amazing on my fingertips when I see it in the sun. If you ever get it in sale for 1 dollar, do not hesitate.

Nubar Texas sky. $1. I’m not putting the blue polishes to sleep. Royal blue polish with surreal gloss. It has a more fluid consistency but surprisingly it does not go anywhere and covers in second layer. I have nothing more to add to it, I am happy with it.

Nubar Peacock feathers. $2.5. Another reason I had to make an order. Beautiful duo-chrome with reflections from light green-blue to purple. I think these polishes look best in the shade, where their two-colour effect really excels.

Nubar Moon dance. $2.5. Its brother. Both polishes appear almost identical in the bottle, the difference is only visible on the nails. This polish is more violet and has blue glare. On these lenses, I do not mind the fact that they are sparse. Quite sparse. To achieve the result, you see in the photos, I had to use 4 layers. And the fingernail, that overwhelms your finger, was transparent against the light. Surely it can be solved if you apply the black polish as a base coat.

Nubar Avant-garde. $1. I was so excited about this polish. It looked elegant in the photos. However, the result is worthless. It has a matte effect that makes the polish dry before you blink, so you can’t avoid visible strokes and various imperfections. When you try to overhaul it with top coat, you will destroy the matte effect. What to do with it? To use it for polishing details.

Nubar Moss mistress. $1. I took it only to have it (:D) and it surprised me very much. It has a beautiful light marsh colour, which I think is made to be worn in autumn. It covers perfectly, dries on average, does not run, is not too dense, you do not see strokes. Satisfaction. And especially – I did not have that colour yet in my collection!

If you did not resist as much as I did and bought something in the sale, you sure do not forget to boast down in the comments. Do not forget to follow us either on the FB page or on Instagram 🙂


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