6 polishes from China Glaze, swatches and mini review

6 polishes from China Glaze, swatches and mini review

When e-shop modelaznehtu.cz discounts China Glaze polishes, most of us will certainly not resist it. They had a super sale in July, each day having a discount on another brand. This sale runs right now, from August 30 to September 10, so do not hesitate. I have heard plenty of praise on China Glaze, and since it is not possible to find it in drugstores and on the price on e-shops for a bottle is around $7, I could not miss the polish for $1.4. For a long time, I had been looking for a light polish that would really fit, and since I wanted to be sure, I chose two bright shades. Then I let myself be carried away and selected two neon colours. The remaining two polishes just fell into my eye. The pack was ready for pick-up in two days, and this time there was everything in the package.

At first glance, I noticed that the bottle of green polish was dirty from something like some glue was poured on it. Fortunately, that’s easy to clean up, but I do not see why they don’t pay more attention. On closer examination, I found that both bottles of bright polishes had some special bottom. It’s not straight. I looked at it from all sides, if it was an optical illusion, but it really is not. The bottom of the bottle is absolutely crooked! Have a look at the photos yourself. I absolutely do not understand how this could happen. Interestingly, the other polishes were fine, only those two lights made me trouble again. Did they send me fake ones?!

China Glaze Celtic sun. It’s a mini-pack that has 9 ml (normal China Glaze polishes have 14 ml). This polish cost me $1.5 and I definitely do not regret it. Absolutely beautiful neon yellow (someone may say it’s green :D). On one layer of white base coat I put two layers of yellow polish. The coating was smooth, the polish has a slightly thinner consistency, but fortunately it covers well over a white base coat. Definitely would not try to apply it alone.

China Glaze Drink up witches. Beautiful neon green colour with a super-fitting name. I polished it the same way as the yellow polish. This means one layer of white base coat and two green layers. I have a little trouble with these polishes that they will start bubbling in a few hours. I probably did not have a sufficiently dry white polish or I do not know. It cost me $2.4 and it has 14 ml, so it will last for some time.

China Glaze Rain dance the night away. I do not know exactly how the neon blue polish looks, but I guess it’s very similar to this. This polish has a thicker consistency and can therefore be applied separately. It covers in two layers and if you try hard enough, one layer would be enough. If you are watching me well, you could have seen it already in this article.

China Glaze Take a hike. It was supposed to be a beautiful dark polish that resembled coniferous trees. In the end, this showed up. As I wrote, the bottle was pretty dirty, the paint still was not shaken, and it was already splitting into the layers in the inside (but you know it, the old polishes where you have the colour on the bottom and then the yellowish liquid on top). Fortunately, the shake helped and the consistency was not bloated or spoiled. I’m not sure about it on my fingertips. What do you think?

China Glaze Carpe diem. This polish cost $1.8 and I was looking forward to a white, muted colour. In fact, it’s a rather pale violet polish with a quite weird effect. It does a lot of stripes and dries under your hands to a dull effect. The photos do not look so bad, but the stripes can be seen even by a blind person. For me, it’s a big no-no. I’m also very upset about its crooked bottom. I’ve been digging around and it’s possible that the polish does not have to be an original but just a fake one. That would explain its terrible qualities. But I have to explore it even better before I make the conclusions.

China Glaze Sheer bliss. On photos from the Internet it looks like white with a little beige. In fact, it is pearl and has a special matt finish effect. It did not polish very well, it did stripes, and sometimes it had some crumbs. I certainly would not recommend it. The polish was $1.8.

I would like to sum up the whole purchase so that half of the polishes are absolutely great and the second half sucks. Even from the bright ones, I was looking forward to great performance. Maybe I’ll give it up definitively. Did you also get something in this sale or are you planning to? Write me in the comments section 🙂


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