Why it’s good to have disinfection

Why it’s good to have disinfection


Summer is in full swing and families head for trips, holidays in the mountains or to the sea or visit grandmothers. Because of the heat that is outdoors, we reveal more skin and show our feet. And they deserve our attention as well. Many of us polished our nails with a polish that matched our swimsuits / dresses / nails on our hands and then forgotten about it or she was rather lazy to peel it off. Then what was the surprise when the nail did not look like a nail.

Today I would like to write about disinfection, a simple thing that most people do not use or neglects. If you think disinfection is only necessary for hospitals and open wounds, then you are wrong. A few companies have already come to sell a small package of disinfecting gels that you can carry in your handbag and use it if necessary. For example, when you are driving in the city and then you want to eat a pizza, you normally eat with your hands. A disinfecting gel or a napkin is a simple rescue.

But how about disinfecting nails?

When you go to the nail professional, they will definitely use disinfection on your nails and on the tools they used, as well. It is not surprising and we take it for granted. There are several customers in the day, and who would want to be treated with already used tools. Disinfection can simply be divided according to what we use it for. Either on the skin and nails or on tools and surfaces. The one on skin and nails should be gentler, should not dry or irritate the skin. The ones for tools and surfaces are mostly sold in larger packages.

Is it necessary to use it?

Yes, I would recommend disinfection on the skin and nails to everyone. Especially if you are doing gel nails. Not disinfecting your nails, putting a gel or a gel polish on it and then wearing it for two to three weeks in a row? That does not make sense and you only ask for trouble. Who knows how many bacteria there are breeding. Mainly I would recommend disinfection for toe nails, especially because we do not wash our legs several times a day. I would recommend disinfecting the tools if you have some tools and if you share them with someone else. Also, remember that you should also disinfect shared nail files.

In collaboration with NaniNails.cz, I chose nail disinfection from Lavosept for review. It is a spray disinfecting solution with a scent of lemon to hydrate and soften. You can find the link here, it has 50 ml and costs around $3.5. The package came in the heat and its packaging began to break. You can find the following information on the bottle:

Alcohol disinfection is suitable for skin disinfection in healthcare, food and social facilities where it significantly reduces the number of bacteria. It removes viruses such as herpes, hepatitis (type B, C), HIV, and microorganisms such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, etc. It also adds a pleasant smell and prevents excessive drying of the skin.

Ingredients: 45 g of isopropyl alcohol and 30 g of ethyl alcohol are contained in 100 g of the mixture

How to use: Apply sufficient amount to the skin and trowel or allow to dry. For hygienic hand disinfection, let the solution work for 30 seconds. For surgical hand disinfection, apply the solution repeatedly for 5 minutes (2 x 2.5 minutes). The product is not suitable for disinfecting injured skin and open wounds.

Such a small miracle in the bottle.

As the first minus of this disinfection, I would mention its packaging. Imagine that you already have everything ready, your hands washed and you want to disinfect them for just being sure. But bluish, you will have small flakes of the package everywhere. I do not know if it is normal for all packages, or it was caused by the heat, but it’s definitely not a nice thing. At the moment you press the sprayer, a beautiful haze appears and you will immediately feel the smell. I like the lemon scent, it’s not some kind of a toilet scent. You can still smell it from your skin for a second. The disinfection will go down really fast and before you can bark, it’s dry. Within half a minute.

I do not suffer from any nail disease or mold, so I cannot judge or help. But I feel good about it. Disinfection does not react with the base coat or anything else, so there is no obstacle to use it every time. I’m definitely satisfied.

Before you throw your nails for a holiday or for your next time, think about whether your environment and your hands are as pure as you think. Disinfection is definitely cheaper than then to solve the problems that have arisen. If you regularly use disinfection, you can write to me why and what brand or scent is your favorite.


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