Why I don’t like yellow polishes

Why I don’t like yellow polishes

Dandelions, sun, lemon, sunflowers, chicks, bananas, corn. All these things connect one thing. They are yellow. As the meaning of yellow color you find everywhere on the net that is encouraging, optimistic, open, harmonious and other amazing things. However, this does not apply to nail polish. Yellow nail polishes are the exact opposite, the biggest evil you can meet. Why? Come and see some swatches…

Essence 28 Hello sunshine with a matte effect. Polish does not make bubbles (like its brother from the same collection – The Matt 22 I ♥ my blue jeans), but he’s doing crusts. When it gets into your cuticles, a million pounds of dehumidifier will not get it out (look at my little finger).

Avon Pine-appled from the new Mark gel shine collection. It’s been on the market for only a few months and was a big hit with the True & Mark collection. This is my only polish from this collection and I find it clumsy. It does not make a smooth and glossy surface.

Flormar Supershine 41 has a beautiful distinctive colour and really makes a gel effect. Nails are shiny.

Avon Gel finish P817 is a pearl polish. Thanks to this, it has a slightly thicker consistency and thanks to this you have a small polish mountain on your nails with two layers.


Here you have four yellow polishes that I own and some information to them. So I do not have to list everything for individual polishes, I’ll summarize it. A few reasons why I hate yellow polishes

1. Either they are totally translucent and even five layers won’t help you or they have too thick consistency

2. Dense consistency creates crusts, polishing with it goes very badly, and if you need more layers of it, the coating can be seen and it’s nothing nice

3. When you over-polish and want to remove the polish, it cannot be done, there will be yellow skin left there and it won’t go down easily, you’ll never reach the perfect arc

4. It dries too slowly

This is how my nails looked like when I let them dry for three hours, went to bed, then woke up. No other polishes do this to me, just the yellow ones.


5. When the polish dries for a long time, you will find all the glitter or threads around you or you accidentally blow on it and you will have to start over again

6. When the polish is removed, yellow nails will remain even if you use whatever base coat

That’s why I really do not like yellow polishes. If I had to determine the best polish from these four, I would say that it is the one from Flormar, it really has a beautiful gloss effect.

How are you with yellow polishes? Do you like them or do you have the same problem as me? Let me know in the comments.


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