Šarlota’s package from BornPrettyStore.com VI.

Šarlota’s package from BornPrettyStore.com VI.

Plates, plates and plates… That’s what I almost always end up with when choosing my stuff from BornPrettyStore.com 😀 . But I still have this thermo polish in this package. So, let’s get it all up.

And I will start with the only different thing in the package. I already own one thermo polish from Born Pretty and I even wrote about it a long time ago – the article is pretty awful, I bet 😀 . Anyway, the polish I had at home changes its colour from light purple to gravy to brown. But I’m not happy with it, because I had to polish 3 layers of it. This new polish is just 2 layers, which is great. Its colour range ranges from light pink to dark violet. Beautiful piece.

I really like the concept of thermo polish. They are unusual and everyone will definitely get it when you put your hands under the water. At the same time, I like the fact that on these long nails, these polishes make themselves squeaky because the free edge of the nail is logically cooler than the bed. This phenomenon can be seen best in winter 🙂 . There is a great selection of thermo polishes from BP and they offer a very good price. Specifically, you can find this polish here.


The polish is somewhat runny, but that’s not a problem. The size of the bottle is 9 ml and it has a wide brush. For me, the application is very good, and it mainly covers in the 1st layer! I praise 🙂 . I also attach a video to really see the colour change. Unfortunately, I do not know why, but I cannot put the video in the centre. So please excuse 🙂 .

And now only the plates. I will start with this very original BP-L078. This plate has really amazing linear patterns. It caught me at first glance. Very creative and usable in many designs. I was most attracted by the pattern of broken glass and the small balls pattern in the upper left corner. You can find this plate here.

The second plate BP-L070 is geometric. I cannot help but these patterns just fascinate me. You can find here 7 large patterns and 16 small ones. That’s quite enough for such a plate 🙂 . Here I like a pattern with circles and a large selection of small designs. You can find this plate here.

The third and final plate from this package Travel BP-X26 is focused on travelling. Here I was totally enchanted by a sample of asteroids and small aeroplanes. Just perfect ♥. Due to its size, it contains much fewer patterns than the previous ones, but you will surely choose them 🙂 . You can find this plate here.


How did you like the sixth package? Are you interested in some product? If so, do not forget to use our discount coupon MABX31 to get a 10% discount on your purchase at BornPretty.com!


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