Sand polishes from Naninails 112 and 121

Sand polishes from Naninails 112 and 121

Do you like nail polishes with the sand effect? Then this article is just for you 🙂 . E-shop gave me two those polishes for review.  I chose 2 soft colours. Pink, with number 112 and pearl, with number 121. Some details about the polishes, brush types and density of the polishes I already told you in the previous article here. Today I will tell you about their endurance, coverage, application and so on.

I will begin with the pink polish number 112. To be honest, I probably like this colour more than the other one. But don’t get me wrong, I like the pearl colour too 🙂 . I wore both polishes at the same time ( each on one hand 😀 ) and also I polish them the same way. That means 2 coats without base coat top coat. I didn’t use any top coat because it would ruin the sand effect.

I really like the design of bottles. They are cute chubby-cheeked and in the matt finish, they look so elegant. The work with the brush was excellent. I like the wide brushes because 3 strokes are just fine for one layer. The sand effect was very soft and decent.

Both polishes last me for like 3 days. I think it is a good score when you realized I was with them in the work. And I have my hands often in the water and gloves here. But I belive if I wore them normally and wasn’t in the work, they would last at least one week 🙂 .

Now let’s take a look at the pearl polish number 121. Well, I am not sure if “pearl” is a good name for this colour but I can’t invent another name for it 😀 . What do you think? This polish I can imagine in some beach nail design. I really like that the polishes have inside also very tiny sparkles, which looks really nice in the sun. However they are so small, I wasn’t able to catch them in the light box.

I think this polish has a little worse coverage than the number 121. I don’t know if you can see it too but I can see the free edge of the nail under it. But still, I like this colour. Both polishes you can definitely combine into great designs. I originally have this in the plan but then I didn’t have time to do it… Since I found a part time job, I have less time for my nails and I didn’t like that. And to make the things worse my nails suffer in the work… 🙁 .

I have to say It was a nice change to have some decent colours on my nails for a while. But I won’t lie to you, I prefer the more bright colours 😀 How do you like those polishes? Both you can buy on the for 79 Czech crowns. Definitely, take a look on the other polishes from this collection. They have plenty of nice colours 🙂 .


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