A load of polishes from Flormar

A load of polishes from Flormar

Recently (ok, almost two months ago) I won a competition on Facebook page of Flomar ČR. I could choose anything in the total value of CZK 1,000. Since my make-up (mascara, blush, bronzers, lipstick …) is not taking much, I chose mainly polishes. The only exception is hand cream. Finally, I have all the photos processed and today you can look at the swatches of all these polishes. I hope you like at least one of my choices.

I would start with what I enjoyed the most. Holographic polishes. True holographic polishes! No fake holo. It’s great that this is their permanent edition and I hope they just add other shades. At home, I have one polish from this collection, Golden Orchid 16, and it’s amazing. That’s why I did not hesitate and chose three more.

Flormar Blackstar GL10. A black holographic polish that totally enchanted me. I would say that the polish looks like a cousin from the second knee of Black Holo witch from Fun Lacquer (from SimplyNailogical), I would definitely not compare it to Color Club holo polishes. Polishes from Color Club are linear (reasonable, finely ground) and you can see real holographic glitter in this polish. The name of the Glitter nail enamel collection is therefore quite concise.

For complete coverage, you will need two layers, it does not leak anywhere and the paintwork works nicely. Definitely you need to apply the top coat, otherwise you will lose holographicity (:D). I’ve got it on my fingertips for three days, like a base coat I have a peel off polish from Miss sporty and on my little finger is the polish little bit peeled off but it was my fault because I turned down the finger in the drawer. With a normal base coat, I think the polish would last for at least five days.

Flormar Holographic silver GL14. Amorousness. It seems to me that this polish is more holographic than the black one. It reminds me of the Claire’s Magic show, but a bit better. It is better applied and produces a prettier effect. They cost the same.

For the outcome, that you see in the photos above, I needed four layers. They were fast-drying, but still so. I will try to use this polish as a top coat, I think it would look nice in one layer over any colour. After three days, there was no sign of damage to the peel off base coat. For its stamina, this polish obviously owes its texture, which is glitter and we all know that the glitter cannot get out of the nails.

Flormar Glitter touch GL11. As the name suggests, it’s really just a touch of a holo. Transparent polish glitters are suitable for fine manicure additions. It definitely will not create any wow effect. I am quite disappointed about this polish, I expected a little bit more. I tried to apply only one layer of top coat above neon green colour (China Glaze Drink up witches) and you can see the result above.

Now we are moving to something more modest. Two nude (beige) polishes and one lightly violet polish. Although I do not belong among the fans of these shades, but on one blog (I do not know which one) I saw a swatch of one of them and fell in love. I expected them to be good and to break my prejudices about them.

Flormar Supermatte M126. It looked more grey on the picture and I was looking forward to having my first nice grey polish. In fact, it is more violet. On the nails, it looks absolutely cool, it shines bright and I certainly would not say it is dull. When swatching, I almost never polish a top coat, so you cannot blame me for damaging the matte effect. I have no more reproaches to it, just the colour has caught me a little.

Flormar Supermatte M108. I thought it would be more body colour, but it’s a lot orange. I would rather compare it to salmon. It seems to me that this shade does not fit me, and I say that very rarely. Painting was pretty cool, just feel like it has a slightly stiffer consistency. It looks absolutely smooth and glossy in the middle photo, and when you look at the other two photos, you’ll see that it is not like that. There are such unbearable bumps there. You only need 2 layers for full coverage.

Flormar Supermatte M122. It is slightly pearl, unfortunately I did not get it caught on the photos. You’ve certainly seen a video where a girl wears a body lipstick and you stare at her face all the time because her lips have completely disappeared and it looks unnatural. That’s exactly what I feel with this polish, as if my nails disappeared.

The polish is well applied; it does not have the same dense consistency as the other nude polishes. That’s how it covered in the third layer, but if you tried a lot, only two would suffice.

Another trinity this time little strange shades. I bought the polish from the Satin matte collection in sale, I did not expect anything from it and it absolutely surprised me. You could have seen it in this article. So I shuffled at its brothers from the same collection. And that yogurt polish? I do not know; it was interesting colour. Its almost identical twin could be seen in the article mentioned a few sentences before.

Flormar Satin matte Curry GS10. Really special colour, glittering swamp, that I like pretty much. Unfortunately, I expected a similar effect to the Cobalt GS15, but nothing like that was happening. I had no problem with this polish and that’s why I give this one thumbs up.

Flormar Satin matte Orchid GS13. I can see a little satin matt effect here, but I expected a bigger pile. The colour is beautiful and has a fine pearl. Effective Flormar polishes are really good and it is another painting with a “trouble-free” label.

Flormar Black dot BD02. If there is someone who reads my articles carefully and is afraid that I have broken the top of this yogurt polish, you can stay calm. I have already learned and I am paying much more attention now. The colour on the nails looks much better than in the bottle, it’s a beautiful turquoise colour.

To create a nice effect, you will need three layers and probably a scouring brush. When you get that big snowflake to the edge, to the cuticle, you have to get it out somehow and do not spoil the rest. Sometimes it’s a little fighting game.

Two polishes from their Full color collection. They promise to cover in one layer. For testing this, I chose the white polish that is best for testing that.

Flormar Full color Over the Alps FC01. Don’t you know why almost all brands need to put something with the Alps in the name of a white polish? The polish definitely does not cover in one layer. Not in the way I want. There are smudges and transparent spots. In order to cover it in one layer, it seems to add more pigment into the polish, so its consistency is thicker and harder to polish. I do not know if the polish stiffened by the heat or it is so with all the polishes, if you let me know down in the comments.

On the picture above I have two layers of polish, the handling of the polish was not so great because of its consistency. Apparently I will stay with polish Essence 33 Wild white ways.

Flormar Full color King of the Bets FC26. I have the same problem with it as with the white polish. In the first layer I still see some smudges and its consistency is thicker. On fingertips, it looks almost dark black in the lack of light. Just on these photos you can see how the polish is not smooth, but there are different mounds and recesses. I know myself that I do not have the same nails, but other polishes can obliterate that. So why not this one?

I’m beginning to be distrustful in this collection, and next time I’m going to be thinking about buying some other shades. I rather stay with those with an effect.

Nail care. I do not have them one hundred percent tested, so I can only tell you the first impressions. The fast-drying top coat will erase the stamps, the calcium gel is not a gel polish but a regular polish, after which you will have purplish nails and the optic whitener is a diluted beige polish. On the first photo you could see a hand cream with the smell of mango. It is a light cream and I think that it won’t do anything with really dry hands. The smell is not just mango; you feel the cream. I’d rather recommend cream from Manufaktura with Apricot Oil and Shea Butter. It costs more, but the scent is perfect.

I do not have more for this article, but I will be happy if at least one person has finished reading it because this article is a bit longer. Below in the comments section you can write to me about your experience with Flormar polishes. The contest was also won by my blog colleague Alice from Alice and Wonderland CZ, so you can watch another swatches from Flormar on her blog or Instagram. Will you also find it strange that two bloggers from the three winners have won the competition? 😀 It feels a bit strange to me…

I hope you enjoyed this article a bit, because I really did a lot of work with it.


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