A journey to mirror nails

A journey to mirror nails

Mirror nails were on the top of charts a few months ago and because I tend to avoid trends, I am trying them now. Mirror nails have just been replaced by a powder called Aurora, which you can use over any gel polish to create a gorgeously glossy effect with colour reflection. You can look forward to this powder in a few months 😀

I wanted this article to be something extraordinary, so you could take away something from it and learn how to make perfect small mirrors on your nails. Together, I’ve been testing this effect for over a month, and the result is still not according to my plan. So now you can read my tricky path and how it did not work out…

To be the proper nail blogger, I have already tapped this trend a long time ago. This is a photo from perhaps last spring, when I was just trying to make mirror nails. At that time I did not deal with anything at all, I just applied a gel coat and somehow it worked. The result was quite tragic, and since then I have not been interested in it anymore.

If you keep track of us regularly, you already know that we are working with e-shop NaniNails.cz, which sells various needs for nail lovers. I had the opportunity to choose a product, and my eyes after a half-hour of crawl of their site rested on a finish gel polish. On Chromatic MIRROR gel polish! Immediately before me, all the photos of the perfect mirror nails that I have seen in my life flew in front of my eyes. I just have to try it! It has the word mirror in the title so it just has to conjure up that mirror effect.

It did not take long and my package was already at home. I was so excited for that first use. The joy of the new environment and a bit of concern about what’s going to go wrong. I will not overtake anything, and that is why I am now taking you on my way.

Now let’s get to the´products I used during my first attempt.

• No wipe black polish (from Aliexpress)

• Chromatic mirror finish, no wipe off gel polish

• Mirror powder (purchased from Aliexpress, finely ground with somewhat darker silver colour)

At the first attempt I was guided by my feelings and intuition ( 😀 ). I put a base coat, two layers of black gel polish that I had cured in the lamp. Immediately I applied the powder to the cosmetic applicator (which was attached to the powder). How it could look at this stage can be seen in the picture above.

Then I put a NaniNails top coat and let it cure. I still did not seem sufficiently mirrored, and that’s why I pulled the powder into that top coat. Then I put on the top coat again and let it cure. If some professional nail polisher is reading this article, she is probably tearing her hair out of 😀 What I learned from all the nail art gurus and from the internet is that you should not always rely on the instructions, but you have to try and try. That’s how I do it.

This is the result of how it turned out. A pretty thick layer of all kinds of gel polishes and a little reflection on the right light. I was not very happy about it. And most importantly – that powder is nightmare, I can not get it out of the skin.

Attempt number 2. After a few days I collected more courage and went to work. One layer of black gel polish, longer baking, polishing. The result is a bit more interesting. You can still see the small particles of powder, but it looked a bit better and you could already recognize some reflection in the nails.

In the light box, the polish looked like a chrome, heavy bore. This time I took a scrubbing brush for cleaning, it was much better.

Then I thought that the problem of effect not being able to create properly is probably because of that top coat. So I used a no wipe off gel polish, which I got on the Aliexpress for a couple of dimes. On the photo above you can see that the index finger and middle finger are slightly different from the finger ring and little finger. The point finger and middle finger are coated with Chromatic mirror gel polish from NaniNails and the other two nails are with no wipe off polish. Nails that have been overcoated with Chromatic mirror gel are more unified and darker, the surface of the nail was absolutely smooth, while the nails overcoated with the no wipe off polish are more granular and the surface was quite rough. I hope you can see the difference there 😀

Here’s a more detailed photo, here you see how grainy these nails are. No mirrors here.

I was already desperate, but Šarlota was coming to visit me. She brought with her the mirror powder she had from Born Pretty. The night we put our heads together. Somehow it must go. We started pretty nicely according to the instructions but, with time, a complete chaos emerged. The lamp shone every minute, throwing away all the applicators and sponges that we tried to polish the powder… but now I can find the powder even in the refrigerator and the toilet.

On the upper picture are two nails lighter and two nails darker. The brighter ones are made with a powder I had at home, and the darker and more jagged are made with the Born Pretty powder. I definitely do not recommend BP powder.

I would call this photo the most successful. What do you say?

And this is the worst. I tried to polish the powder into an ordinary polish overcoated with a water-based polish. No, thank you, I prefer nude polish.

And now a little bit of the tips I learned from the eight hours of doing mirror nails. The most effective way to coat the powder is with a finger. The powder is very badly washed, use a brush. As a top coat, get some high quality gel polish. Do not even try to do it on a regular polish. If you only try it and do not want to wear it all the week, put a layer of peel off polish beneath the gel polish (I can recommend some from Miss Sporty but Šarlota used it the same way and she was not able to peel it off and she totally ruined her nails). It needs a lot of patience, do not think you can do it for the first time.

So you did not think we were giving up so easily, so along with Šarlota the next day, we went to the NaniNails shop to look for their mirror powders. And it looked even worse than our twos. For the perfect effect, you may need light silver and a very finely ground powder.

We did not reach the mirror effect, but it’s still nice chrome. What do you think? The top coat I’ve used in most experiments is called Chromatic Mirror and you can find it here, it’s five milliliters and costs about $6.50. If it’s worth it or not, you can decide by the photos in this article. I would definitely recommend it.

I turn to this method for a very long time and I will try it only if someone gives me a CERTIFIED and 100% operating instructions. If you know some, just write.

If you like this effect and you do not want to get a gloss with a gel polish, the NaniNails polish that you could see in this article looks pretty similar.

If you want a real mirror nail and you do not want to do it just like me, just go buy artificial nails in a box. And you have it settled in five minutes.


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